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McDonald's almost gourmet dinner @ McDonald's Alocassia

You know how Apple likes to keep the lid on their new product launch. When things are kind of confirmed, they will send out an invite to media and associates to attend an event.

Just last week, McDonald's Singapore did something similar. I got an invite to attend a "McDonald's First-ever classy 'gourmet' dinner". It's the most interesting invite from McDonald's ever!

The location for the launch was not Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in California.
McDonald's had it at one of their newest and classy outlet at Alocassia Apartments along Bukit Timah Road. You go and take a look, the new branches don't look anything like a fast food restaurant anymore!

McDonald's First-ever classy 'gourmet' dinner

They closed the whole restaurant from the afternoon till evening for this event!

McDonald's First-ever classy 'gourmet' dinner

Make it Chicken McGrill. Have you all noticed that their menu display signs have changed over the years? It's kind of different in many countries too, but most are becoming very similar.

I have not taken a part time job when I was a teenager working for McDonald's, so I never had a chance to go walk around their kitchen. Last year, when they had an 'Open Door' kitchen tour, I signed up with my sis and cousin. If you are 'kepo' like us, you could do so too.

McDonald's First-ever classy 'gourmet' dinner

The 'almost gourmet' dinner. The folks at McDonald's did quite a fine job making it look gourmet.
Look! White linen on the table! Food served on crockery! Fresh flowers too!

McDonald's First-ever classy 'gourmet' dinner

For the night, they prepared a special menu.
Chef Irene Jansen was roped in to prepare a 4 course meal using ingredients that is "very McDonald's"!

McDonald's First-ever classy 'gourmet' dinner

The MC for the night was Ms Petrina Kow! If you are about my age, you would be familiar with her voice! How many of you grew up listening to her on radio?

McDonald's First-ever classy 'gourmet' dinner

Ms Shirley Foenander, VP of Marketing, Communications and Menu Management, McDonald's Restaurants Pte. Ltd., Singapore welcoming all of us!

Now for the food we had.

Starter: Fish & Corn Quiche

McDonald's First-ever classy 'gourmet' dinner

Chef Jansen came up with this dish. Baked BBQ flavoured crust-less quiche with fish and corn.
Made from: cubes of filet-o-fish, Corn, Egg and BBQ Sauce.

I did not really taste the BBQ Sauce. Maybe we usually dunk so much of BBQ sauce with our nuggets or fries. It's only a slight hint of BBQ Sauce in it. It was very unique though.

Appetiser: Fresh Salad Greens

McDonald's First-ever classy 'gourmet' dinner

Crisp lettuce, blushing-red tomato slices, Corn niblets and low fat thousand island dressing.

The more I look at this, I am thinking, hey it's a burger without the patty! Served with corns from the kids meal!

I am not a fan of thousand island dressing. I was instead craving for their "Curry Sauce". I would usually have walked to the counter to ask for a pack of curry sauce, but since it is full service today, I asked the restaurant crew. They came back with a nice porcelain saucer filled with curry sauce! 

McDonald's First-ever classy 'gourmet' dinner

The beret makes them look very 'French' dont they?
We were told the restaurant crew that night was chosen from the best around Singapore! What they are wearing looks McCafe-ish!

McDonald's First-ever classy 'gourmet' dinner

The restaurant crew must have gone through an audition to perform live music to all the guests!
They could dance, sing and serve food at the same time!
The lead singer was Chef Jansen herself!

Main Course: Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill

McDonald's First-ever classy 'gourmet' dinner

This was the star of the night. The new Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill that's to be launched on 1 Mar 2011 Singapore wide!

Bakery style sourdough bread, grilled chicken thigh, whole-leaf lettuce, blushing-red tomato slices and chargrill sauce. Looks good doesn't it? It taste rather nice too. Now that all 3 major fast food joint serve similar chicken burgers, go to all 3 and taste which is your favourite.

McDonald's First-ever classy 'gourmet' dinner

Fries was served on the side that came in a nice Japanese looking cup!

Dessert : Apple Yogurt Trifle

McDonald's First-ever classy 'gourmet' dinner

I think they should just serve this on their regular menu!
"A tangy refreshing dessert with toasted caramel-cinnamon sourdough croutons", quoting the description on the menu!

Let me see. It's made from:
1) McDonald's Apple Dippers
2) Strawberry yogurt (I don't know which product that serves this, someone said Kid's meal? Is it true parents?)
3) Vanilla soft-serve.
4) Toasted caramel-cinnamon sourdough cruotons, probably their cinnamon melts put into the toaster. Caramel sauce from apple dippers?
5) Strawberry sauce - sundae sauce
6) Cinnamon powder - cinnamon melts.

Alamak, you can tell I frequent Big M quite often eh?

Coffee / Tea:

McDonald's First-ever classy 'gourmet' dinner

Looking at the cup and tea pot, I think it's from McCafe!

Hey folks, if you want to try the burger, go to and download a 1-for-1  coupon on your phone. Go to any branch on 1 March 2011 (only 1 day offer) with another friend and show it to the restaurant crew when you order. You can enjoy the burger (a la carte) at half price.

If you are asking like a few others who asked me, this gourmet like food service was only available that night. It resumes to your usual McDonald's restaurant that you are familiar with.

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Anonymous said...

omg, this is shocking.

Macs going chic and healthy?! hahaha

Justin Pereira said...

wah so sad i couldn't make it -.- looks good.

Anonymous said...

1) McDonald's Apple Dippers

2) Strawberry yogurt - Happy Meal

3) Vanilla soft-serve.

4) Toasted caramel- sourdough bread, with caramel sauce (from apple dippers) toasted together

5) Strawberry sauce - sundae sauce
6) Cinnamon powder - mccafe

Kenny Mah said...

Actually it does sound quite ingenious - making a gourmet meal from fast food ingredients. :)

Mike McQueen said...

Gourmet dinner at McDonald’s? That’s really new and interesting. And everything looks really gourmet. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

Mike @ Cookies and Biscuits

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