Friday, February 18, 2011

Celebrity Cafe and Bakery, Universal Studio Singapore

It was one of Momo's best friend's birthday. Momo and I bought her an birthday present in the form of an entrance ticket to Universal Studios Singapore (USS). She was so happy! Big girls do get excited when they are going to a theme park!

Trying to finish every single ride, we were there early. We thought we will just grab breakfast inside USS. The entrance ticket comes with a $5 food voucher anyway.

Celebrity Cafe and Bakery, USS

We tried the food at Celebrity Cafe and Bakery, right near the entrance of USS.

It seems most people have eaten before they arrive. There was only a few persons eating here.
We realise everyone has gone for the rides!

Inside Universal Studios Singapore

We literally sat on the side walks of Hollywood Boulevard!
Momo and I visited the real Hollywood before and think this is better. Much cleaner!
With the air conditioning, it was quite comfortable sitting on the side walks, just like in Los Angeles!

Breakfast Sets

If you want breakfast, you can have it here all day!
A bit pricey, but if you have a DBS/POSB credit card, use it to pay for your meals. You get some discounts!

We ordered two breakfast sets and an extra drink between the 3 of us.

Waffles with honey and chocolate sauce

The Waffle Set. Two pieces of quite large waffles. It was very pretty looking!
I am not a waffle lover, but the two ladies seem to be enjoying it.

Seeing them eat it so happily, I ate some. Pouring the chocolate sauce and honey on the waffles squares does make it taste very good.


The refillable hot drink. We did not ask for refills. We don't want to queue for toilets later while we are waiting for our rides!

Blueberry Muffin

The muffin set. I had the raspberry muffin.
The muffin was not bad. It was fragrant and tasty. I can't really remember. We were more excited about the rides than the food!

I finished it all, so it must be ok!


The coffee that was part of the set.
I had a 'black' drink too, but mine was gaseous. I had ice cold coke for breakfast!

By the way, this cafe is halal certified! Not every food outlet in USS is halal, this cafe happens to be one that is halal.

Celebrity Cafe and Bakery
Hollywood Boulevard
Universal Studios Singapore
Sentosa Resort Island,

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