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Spicy Thai @ The Line - Shangri-La Singapore

The Line, one of the popular buffet at Shangri-La Singapore, had a Spicy Thai promotion.

Shangri-La calls their 'stations' as Theatre Kitchens and all 16 of their Theatre Kitchens was showing off their fruit and vegetable carvings. One Theatre Kitchen was showcasing Thai Cuisine.

I had a preview of the buffet thanks to the invitation from The Line.

The Line - Shangri-La Singapore

One of resident lady Thai chef from Pichit, Northern Thailand will take charge of the Thai cuisine that will be served. Ms Ratree Khongthong is from the northern provinces so the food will showcase the subtly difference of Chiang Mai and Bangkok cuisine.

The Line - Shangri-La Singapore

One very unique drink was this Tom Yam Mojito!
Can see you the ingredients at the bottom used to make Tom Yam Soup. It's a spicy drink with alcohol. Very unique!

The Line - Shangri-La Singapore

This was the Khaotang Nga Tong which was rice crackers to be eaten with a mince pork and shrimp dip. The sides were chilli jam and salted egg chutney.

The Line - Shangri-La Singapore

Another of the highlights was the "Miang Kam". Wrapped in a leaf that's from a similar species to the betel leaf.

A DIY salad that I had it some time ago and it's great to be eating this again. Depending on how much and what ingredients that you put in, it taste a little different.

The Line - Shangri-La SingaporeThe Line - Shangri-La SingaporeThe Line - Shangri-La Singapore

That's how you wrap it, according to the chef. Three simple steps.
Put in what you like to alter the taste and texture.

The Line - Shangri-La Singapore

Hor Mok Souffle. This was a nice name for Otak Otak that we are used to.
The subtle difference, softer, milder and creamier because of the generous amount of coconut milk in it. Quite addictive though!

The Line - Shangri-La Singapore

The Tom Yam Goong, that has been I think slightly adjusted to be milder. To me it was mild, but to many on the table it is quite spicy. It's a clear favourite of many who go for a Thai Buffet.

The Line - Shangri-La Singapore

Kang Khiew Wan Gai - Chicken Green Curry.
It was a nicely done, of course, the Chef Ratree has been cooking as a career since the age of 14! Moving from Northern Thailand down to Bangkok to hone her craft. This green curry was pretty good.

The Line - Shangri-La Singapore

Phad Graprao Moo. Minced pork with basil.
I think it was slightly overdone because the pork tasted a bit 'siap' to me. The flavours were nice though.

The Line - Shangri-La Singapore

If you have not been to The Line - find an occasion to visit. One of the 16 theatre kitchens available. This is one of my favourite.

The Line - Shangri-La Singapore

I like Satays! And I love my peanut sauce with a little bit of pineapple in it.

Back to the Spicy Thai buffet, the dessert:

The Line - Shangri-La Singapore

"Khao Niew Mamuang" (sticky rice with mango). I like the mango! I don't particularly like sticky rice but still ate some of it. If you are those that like sticky rice and mango, it's probably for you.

The Thai Cuisine promotion is over, if you are interested in the other dining promotions, check out the range of Shangri-La's dining promotions at:
 The regular buffets are also quite popular, the wife used to like going there when she was growing up with a huge appetite. She used to have the Shang Card too. It's also one of my colleague's favourite buffet line in Singapore.

Here's a tip: If you want discounts, go to the URL above and book online! You will be able to choose a range of discounts. It's really quite worth going when you book online.

The Line
Shangri-La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Road
Singapore 258350

Tel: +65 6213 4275

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