Sunday, February 11, 2007

5 interesting crunchy keropok bites.

I have been tagged by two bloggers:
- Daryl of Authentic Malaysian Cuisine & Local Delicacies
- Shilpa of Flog & Rosbif

I finally found some time to answer the meme. Think they tagged me more than 1 week ago!

Bite 1.
Other than, I own a few other domain names. I love to squat on domain names, but I think I have grown so attached to ALL of them, I might never sell it any of it. When I bought it in 2003, I was hoping someone would pay me at least USD5000 for it. haha... Wishful thinking eh...

Bite 2.
I go for a full blood test every year, (except last year), the latest being last Monday. They will take 3 tubes of your blood and check everything possible. LOL. So far, it's been OK. I have a BMI of 22.1. Shall not bore you all with other details of results. I am now waiting for my latest test results. Hope they come out soon! (and favourable too)

Bite 3.
I am one of the 2 guys who is in my Wednesday afternoon lunch time Cardiofusion class of around 15. We do aerobics, boxercises. Surprised? With all the food, no choice, have to exercise! I walk around with a pedometer at times, and exercise with a heart-rate monitor. This guy is mad ah? LOL....

Bite 4.
I almost always have ice cream in my freezer. It's either boxes with individual sticks or tubs of ice cream. But I only eat 1 scoop (yes only 1) or 1 stick at a time. It's in case I have visitors and I can serve them something. My colleagues certainly knows this very well!

Bite 5.
I failed my ABSRM Grade 8 Pianoforte exams around 15 years ago. (by a few marks, sob sob sob, i still remember...)

I think there's no one else to tag. Every flogger I know seems to have been tagged!

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Shilpa said...

Eh keropok! It's about time! heh heh! Wah, so cautious, go for blood test every year! But it's good that you exercise lah, like that you can stay healthy and keep posting pictures of yummy food! :)

Melting Wok said...

don worry keropok, I failed my grade 5 (for electone, grades terbalik) for 3 times too. Don't know why as we grew older, we get stage fright huh ? hehe..anyway, admire ur dedication in keeping a tub of ais kirim in the freezer hehee, I can't help myself :('re a health nut ya ? what the heck is cardio fusion ? haha..sounds food to me :P Thx for sharing ur meMe's :)

tigerfish said...

But you still passed in the end right ? I failed my Grade 8 and ne'er continued ever since.
Wah, you very healthy's why can afford all the makan!

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