Thursday, May 22, 2008

Pai Ku Mien @ NUS Science Canteen

Been so busy the whole week at work, rushing so many projects by various groups of people. To save time, our lunch gang, half of it who are in the same team as me, are trying to squeeze every minute out of our 24 hours. But we still got to eat. "No eat, no energy to work." We are having half hour lunches this week!

But a person addicted to taking photos still finds time to snap photos of his food. LOL. This was one of the quick lunches I had this week. Pai Ku Mien (or rather Kuey Teow) at the Science Canteen at NUS.

Yes, one of those $2 meals that gets you lots of meat.
I can't even buy that much meat in the supermarket for $2!
(by the way, they also have $1.50 and $1.80 versions of it)

Chinese Noodles Stall
The Frontier (Science Canteen)
Science Drive 2

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Patricia said...

hahaha.. being a student from NUS.. i din know that a simple Pai Ku Mien (Pork Rib Noodle) from the canteen can actually look so gd in photos.. wahahaha.. that shows u're a gd photographer really! In fact, I've eaten that before! From my memory, the meat was tender and soft but the sauce was a little bland for my tastebuds! ;)


Camemberu said...

wah got soft bones! i like!!

you are right...sometimes we can't even buy the ingredients for the cost of the meal!

Anonymous said...


You should try going to the GreenHouse Cafe at Vivo City for their set meal. Awesome and worth the money!

mama bok said...

Wow..!! envy..!!

Anonymous said...

juz came back from science canteen.. couldn't help but order the pai gu mian.. ordered the $1.80 version + an egg.. only $2.10! had so much meat also..

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