Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Awfully Chocolate @ VivoCity

We were at VivoCity because Aunt wanted to get a birthday cake for her sister and herself. (both sister's birthday are close to each other). She said she has been ruminating of Awfully Chocolate cake for the last few days! Boy that must be awfully torturous!

When we got there, I thought I was in the wrong shop! The Awfully Chocolate outlets that I have been to are totally bare. It was always only 1 person attending the shop and they have nothing on display. Just a blank white shop!  You tell them what cake you want and they will get the cake for you from their storage area. You pay then leave.

Awfully Chocolate @ VivoCity

So I got a little surprised because this outlet at VivoCity had a seating area! (it's just a really small sitting place with only I think  just 2 tables).

They were also selling other mouthwatering treats for chocolate lovers!

Our cousin saw the Dark Chocolate Truffles and asked her mum if she could have some. The mum was in a really happy mood, so she obliged her daughter.

Awfully Chocolate

Our cousin proudly displaying her truffles.
Oh, the sticker on top says: "born in Singapore, made by hand".  How cute!

Awfully Chocolate

The hand cut truffles were sold by weight. It's SGD13 per 100g.

Here's a peep into the bag for you!

Looking into the Dark Chocolate Truffle Pack

After looking at it, we ate it immediately!

But our cousin thought of jie jie at home. She said, leave two of them for jie jie!
So I brought it back for sis who was happy to see chocolates!

This was the same dark chocolate truffle, photographed at home with nice lighting.
The cocoa powder is a little bitter when you put it in your mouth. (Which is the nice part!)
After that, let it slowly deliquesce on your warm tongue. Aaahh.....

Dark Chocolate Truffles 

Awfully Chocolate
1 HarbourFront Walk
01-156 VivoCity
Singapore 098585

Tel: 6410 9725

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fatboybakes said...

NOOOOOOO, you've triggered a chocolate craving now...MUST HAVE CHOCOLATE NOWWWWW!!! argh...

Kenny Mah said...

Lepas lihat gambar-gambar ni, I pun juga nak makan coklat gelap... :P

Bern said...

I love their Rum and Cherry Chocolate Cake. Absolutely divine!

mkia said...

The square-cut truffles remind me of those chocs from Royce. My fave truffles so far are still those from Truffs.

Camemberu said...

Deliquesce...what a beautiful word!

Luckily I can resist truffles!

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