Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room

On warm nights, you just want to spend your time in shopping centres and have dinner there too.
This was dinner a few nights ago at Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room at IMM.

Are you a chicken wing fan? If you are, you might want to try their chicken wings here. The next time you walk pass this store while shopping at IMM, you would notice that most tables order this. The every popular Prawn Paste Chicken (in 3s for $5.50).

This was one very addictive fried chicken!

Prawn Paste Chicken

This was the Wan Chai Special Fried Rice $6.50
Ham slices and asparagus slices.
It comes with a bowl of the daily soup which is very heart (and tummy) warming ;-P

Wan Chai Special Fried Rice

The Spare Ribs with Black Beans rice. $6.20
Not too bad. Comes with their complimentary soup too.

Spare Ribs with Black Beans RIce

The Minced Pork & Salted Fish $6.20
They might be a bit too generous with the salted fish on the day we ordered it. Unless you likes things very salty, order something else. Comes with a bowl of soup too!

Minced Pork & Salted Fish Rice

The Teriyaki Beef with Onion and Mushroom. $6.80
The beef was tender and the did I tell you before that I love onions?
Oh yes, also with a bowl of soup. ;-P

Teriyaki Beef with Onion & Mushroom Rice

The place seems to be very popular. The queue is long but it moves rather quickly. Most people just "sit, eat and go" here. After their quick dinner, it's time to walk around window shopping and enjoying the air-con. The mum/aunties will go grocery shopping at Giant!

Wan Chai Hong Kong Tea Room
2 Jurong East Street 21
#03-51 IMM
Singapore 609601

Tel: 6561 8801

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Life for Beginners said...

Is this the KFC (Korean Fried Chicken) you were talking about earlier? Seems more HK than K, leh... :P

Keropok Man said...

No, this is the not the KFC. This is HKFC. ;-p

Camemberu said...

haha HKFC! It does look good though! :9

The soft bones in the spareribs are also calling out to me....

Keropok Man said...


It is nice! It has many fans. :-)

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