Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Keisuke Tokyo @ Parco Marina Bay

Momo and I both took weekday leave to go 'walk walk' around town last week. Momo still had loads of leave to clear and I was taking my Labour Day replacement leave. We realise walking around can be quite tiring!

It was around dinner time and since we were picking up some things at Marina so we thought we would eat nearby. Momo, Aromacookery and Camemberu tried the Ramen here before but I have not, so we decided to pay Keisuke Tokyo a visit. They are famous for their Ebi Ramen (prawn ramen) which stock is made out of 3000 Ama Ebi (sweet prawns) daily.


If you love crabs, you might want to try their Kani Ramen (Crab Ramen) ($15.80) that they only prepare about 50-60 bowls a day. When you are seated you will see a different menu telling you about it. It's seasonal, so if you are a crab fan, try it while it lasts.

The broth is like having a mix of consomme and bisque (it's hard for me to describe it!), thick and very flavourful.  The oil on it gives it a fragrance that really charms your nose. You see the egg there because I was tempted when they ask if I wanted to add the Ajitsuke Tamago, I said yes. ($2 extra).

The texture of the ramen was just nice for me, not soft and not super al-dante, springy.

As the broth it's very thick and 'seafood' (ok, some people will say it is fishy) taste, they serve some grated ginger on the sides. You can add it in the broth to mute the 'seafood-ness'. But I appreciate that the broth was not very crabby in taste and smell, it's not too overwhelming.

Kani Ramen with Ajitsuke Tamago


Momo had the Spicy Ebimiso Ramen Special ($20). It was served in an unique bowl, it is as if the contents might flow out soon! The broth is a different from the one I had. This taste more 'prawny'. (obviously. haha)

So why is there a 'special' in the name of the dish? Special means I want all the toppings, the works! There's fish cake, wontons, pickles, etc...

Momo said the texture of the ramen served is to her liking this time. The previous time she was here it was a bit too soft. 

Also, when they say spicy, they really mean it. You really break out in sweat. It's a double whammy too, with heat coming from both the soup and the chilli. Woo hoo!

Spicy Ebimiso Ramen Special

The "special" also includes a side dish that has Ajitsuke Tamago, pickled lettuce stems (which I love), and some really tasty cold chicken that taste similar to the usual 'white chicken' in Singapore Chicken Rice.

Spicy Ebimiso Ramen Special

Just in case you want to see the chicken pieces. Looking at the smooth sides of soy stained egg, I feel like having one now!

Spicy Ebimiso Ramen Special


We enjoyed our ramen, away from the usual miso, soya, shio, shio butter or tonkotsu based broth. Some say it taste like a glorified hae-mee (prawn noodles). Well, Ebi Ramen literally means Prawn Noodles. You should probably try it and see if you like it.

Keisuke Tokyo
9 Raffles Boulevard
#P3-02 Parco Marina Bay (Millenia Walk)
Singapore 039596

Tel: 6337 7919
Hours: Weekdays - 11.30 to 22.00, Weekends and Public Holidays - 11.00 to 22.00

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Hi Ed

Great to have met you too!
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