Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Lijiang Restaurant @ Temasek Club

This was dinner with Momo's parents. We went to Lijiang Restaurant at Temasek Club for dinner for a birthday celebration.

If you drive and want to get away from the crowds on weekends in Singapore, you can seek refuge at this secluded and peaceful place. The restaurant is open to public.

Lijiang we found out is the sister branch of the Yunnan restaurants that is popular with the NTU / Jurong folks. They have branches at One-North and Fairway Club. Some of you might remember they had a branch at IMM too previously. Their food's decent and pricing fair too.


The Yee Fu Noodles that we had. It was pretty good. I think Yee Fu noodles always taste good doesn't it?

Yee Fu Noodles


For our daily green intake, we decided to have the greens and the soup together. This was the 3 eggs with vegetable dish. Probably comfort food for many.

Triple Eggs with Vegetables Soup


For the meat, we had a whole Peking Duck. The Peking Duck here is not bad.
We enjoyed this dish. Don't you think eating Peking Duck always makes you happy?
I think it's because it is sinful. Duck Skin and Thin Egg Rolls Skins.

Peking Duck

For the duck meat, we had it made into a duck stir fry with mushrooms etc.
Served on lettuce leaves, it was delicious!

Minced Duck on Lettuce


We also had a steamed fish. Don't you love a steaming hot fresh fish?

Steamed Fish

Happy Birthday (Captain!) Uncle!

Lijiang Restaurant @ Temasek Club
1 Portsdown Road
Temasek Club
Singapore 139295

Tel: 6777 1989 (ext 898)
Hours: 11.30 AM - 2.30 PM (Lunch), 6.00 PM - 10.00 PM (Dinner)

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Anonymous said...

The peking duck dish is so pretty! Am glad they open the public, thought it was only for army officers.

Unknown said...


Ya, they are open to the public. It seems many places that was once for members are now open to the public ;-)

Dogcom said...

Hi Keropok Man,

Thanks to your post, at least I now have some information to refer to about this restaurant. A group of us are thinking of celebrating an anniversary dinner there next week. I couldn't find their website and Temasek Club's website doesn't show any nor any menu. A friend of mine who is a member of Temasek couldn't tell me much about the standard of food there as they are have not operated very long there I believe. I've dined at the Chinese restaurant there under previous managements but not yet this one. It's good to know that it's the Yunan Group and your review is reassuring. I think we'll go ahead with our plans.

Unknown said...

Hi Dogcom

Hope you will have a nice meal there!

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