Thursday, July 08, 2010

Marvelous Cream @ CityLink Mall

We walked past Marvelous Cream a few days ago and saw there was empty places to sit. It is usually packed with the younger crowd and it is almost impossible to remain sane with the noise and crowd.
It shows I am getting old!

I must be outdated because I did not know that:
 1. It was Japanese chain of ice cream shops! I thought it was some French related ice cream place because it says French Sweets Parfait. It was only when we were greeted in Japanese as we stepped in then I realised it was Japanese.

2. They have the 'teppanyaki' style ice cream. (ie, they mix the ice cream over a cold slab like Cold Rock or Raffles Creamery) I only noticed it when I heard loud clanging sound! I thought they dropped something.

But their ice cream is not bad though.


The "Dark Choc New Yorker" ice cream combo I had. It was a mixture of Parfait, Brownie, Cocoa Powder and Chocolate Chips.

I like all things chocolate, so I enjoyed this.

Marvelous Cream


This was the Macaron Rouge Framboise.
It was a mixture of Parfait, Raspberry, Raspberry macaron and Fresh Cream. We had it on Chocolate Waffle Bowl.

I particularly like the Chocolate Waffle Bowl! The waffle tasted good and the chocolate on it makes it better.

For this mix, it taste fruity and it's a combination of a little sourness with sweetness. Definitely a ladies kind of dessert.

Marvelous Cream


Some of you always ask for the price. I remember to snap a photo of it with my phone this time.

Marvelous Cream


When we were sitting down enjoying our ice cream, we noticed many people coming in to buy the waffle sandwich. Maybe I should try that the next time.

Marvelous Cream
Citylink Mall
1 Raffles Link
Singapore 039393

Tel: 6238 1683

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Camemberu said...

Oh the Japanese love everything French! Marvelous Cream is yummy. But their waffle sandwich - so-so lah, if you don't mind cold soggy waffles.

Anonymous said...

The Raspberry one fits the chocolate waffle bowl very nicely.

- Ice cream eater

CUMI & CIKI said...

i like that choc waffle bowl thingy! that would make it yummier for sure:D

Keropok Man said...

Ya, I realise that too when I was in France. They have so many things Japanese there!

So, the waffle sandwich is no good? hehe..

Ice Cream eater,
Yes it does. Chocolate and raspberry goes well too!

Cumi & Ciki,
The bowl was delicious. I ate quite a bit of the bowl!

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