Monday, July 26, 2010

Sign up for Citibank Credit Cards via Keropokman and receive up to $40 TANGS vouchers.

[This is a part advertorial by KeropokMan and Citibank.]

Ladurée Macaron

Macarons. These are not just any macarons.
These little delights are macarons from Ladurée on Champs-Élysées, Paris!

Ladurée @ Champs-Élysées

I was fortunate to be in Paris a few weeks ago and had the opportunity to try them.
Did I like them? Of course! Many have claimed that it is one of the best in the world.

Ladurée Macaron

Now, would you like to try them?
Let me share how you can get opportunities to fly yourself to Paris for free.

Do you know that if you have a Citibank card and for every $10 charged to your Citibank card, you get a chance to win a trip to one of 10 exciting gourmet cities in the world. The good news is that Paris happens to be one of the winning destinations!

In addition, if you use your Citibank card to pay for restaurant meals, you get 10X the chances of winning it! All these to celebrate 10 great years of Citibank Credit Cards Gourmet Pleasures!

Do you have a Citibank Credit Card? If not, would you like to get one? Keropokman and Citibank have whipped up a sweet deal for you.  The deal is probably as sweet as this luscious Carre Chocolat. That’s dark chocolate macaron biscuit, dark chocolate crispy thin leaves, dark chocolate smooth cream, dark chocolate soft biscuit and chocolate zabaglione mousse. Decadent?


So what’s the deal?

  • If you sign up for Citibank Credit Card and a Citibank Ready Credit, you will receive a $40 TANGS shopping voucher.
  • If you sign up for either a Citibank Credit Card or a Citibank Ready Credit, you will receive a $20 TANGS shopping voucher.
Do you think it’s a steal? You get a card and you get shopping vouchers too! If you register offline, you do not get any vouchers.

Is there a catch? No, but you would have to apply for the card via THIS LINK.

But wait, there's more! You also get double chances for the "Win with Citi" promotion for applying via this blog.


You would probably have seen many of your relatives, colleagues and friends holding different types of Citibank Credit Cards. Everyone gives you reasons why they choose a particular Citibank card. Don’t you think it is probably easier to choose what other desserts to eat at Ladurée?

If you want recommendation for desserts, try their Millefeuille Praline! Look at the photo of it above, that’s caramelized puff pastry, praline cream, almost praline and crispy hazelnuts. Have those layers of utter goodness tempt you yet? You will not want to try Millefeuille from elsewhere ever!

For recommendation of which card to choose, I will recommend you click through the Citibank Credit Card Recommender. It’s probably the best place to start your cards research.

If you already a Citibank Credit Card, you can still apply for other cards and get yourself the vouchers too!

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yellow said...

i was there awhile back! the rose ones were deeeeee-licious!! your photos make me wanna go back there..

Keropok Man said...

hey yellow

They were so good ya! I like ALL of them! haha..

Psst, you know how to get a free chance to get back there now. (oh what a shameless plug from me!)

Camemberu said...

Can win trip to 10 gourmet cities? This is such good news, I'm tweeting it!!

Ah Paris...too bad I didn't get to explore much of the food while I was there 6 years ago.

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