Monday, June 06, 2011

Happy Dumpling Festival!

Wishing all a very Happy Zhang Festival!

Alkaline Chang

Mum is not making any Zhangs this year.
But these are made and given by relatives instead.

Alkaline Chang

Kee Zhang or Alkaline Zhang.
The top bit has been bitten off by Momo ;-)

I don't particularly like Alkaline Zhang.
I like Bak Zhang more. I shall take photos of Bak Zhang another day. ;-)

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Meg in Nelson said...

If Mama Keropok had a break, you should have made some, because it wasn't as if you were busy THIS week, were you? (Tongue in cheek - I don't know how to make that face...) X-o

I hope you and your family enjoy eating them.

maameemoomoo said...

i also don't eat kee-zhang. Bak-zhang is love!

Keropok Man said...

Hehe.. i am plain lazy. it's too much work to make them.

Yes, bak zhang with lots of bak is yummy. Mummy reserves the bak on a bowl for me sometimes. LOL

Camemberu said...

I did not eat a single bakchang this festival! :P

Maybe afterwards...

Anonymous said...

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