Tuesday, June 14, 2011

McDonald's Corn Cup instead of Fries

A short post today. After getting married for about 2.5 weeks, you discover more things about your other half more than you ever have in 2.5 years.

The wife loves corn! Fresh corn or even canned corns! She can even tell you which brand is worth buying and which ones are horrible.

Few days day, we were McDonald's. I was the seat 'choper' while she went to get the meals. She came back with her Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill, a drink and a cup of corn. I asked her, if she ordered a la carte? She said no, this is a set meal.

Now that's something new to me. She said, you don't know? McDonald's did not tell you meh? She sniggered.

I did not! One of the reason I go to McDonald's is because of the fries!
Do you know that instead of fries, you can ask a cup of corn? It's interchangeable now.

Corn Cup

The corn comes with butter. The same one that you get when you order pancakes.
Well, it does look very nice, doesn't it?

Corn Cup

I am not really a fan of corn, so I will stick to my fries.
I like my fries dipped in a sundae cone or in curry sauce.

Are you a fries or corn person?

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Janice said...

fries dipped in sundae cone? serious? i've tried eating McD fries with chocolate sundae before and i think the sundae covers the taste of the fries. :p

Keropok Man said...

Hi Janice

Yes. Plain sweet sundae and salty fries!

I know I have weird tongue. But I think there are quite a few people out there who does the same thing! LOL

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