Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Hot Sauce Store @ Suntec City

A very Blessed Christmas to all!

Buying presents is one of the toughest thing for me. I find it very difficult to find the correct presents for people. But sis and I found this for our brother. He loves chilli sauce.

We saw this Hot Sauce Store at Suntec City (in front of Carrefour) and thought this will be the perfect gift for him.

The Hot Sauce Store at Suntec City

Of all the different sauces, we bought him this because our brother's name is on it! :-)

This was what we bought for my brother for his Christmas gift.

If you are game for it, you can pop by the store and try out their sauces.
It's killing!

The Hot Sauce Store
Kiosk outside Carrefour
Suntec City.

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Camemberu said...

Haha! I saw this stall also, and wanted to take a photo of it, but no time. =) I LOVE SPICY SAUCES!!!!

Unknown said...

This one is super spicy!
You should go try it!! hehe...

Unknown said...

Does anyone knows where this shop located right now???

Unknown said...

Suntec City has gone through a few renovations. Not sure what happened to it. ;-(

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