Friday, June 03, 2011

Singapore Laksa La Mian

We bought 2 packets to try a few weeks ago when we saw this on sale in the supermarkets.
After trying it, we liked it and on the next grocery trip, we bought 6 more packets to keep at home, in case we are hungry at odd hours of the day.

As I am typing this, my aunt is carrying like a whole box of it to London for another aunt and cousins!
But these instant noodles are not cheap. It's around $2.60-2.80 depending on which supermarket you buy them from.

(We wondered if it's available in UK! If it is, aunt would have wasted her luggage space!)

Laksa La Mian

Even the packaging looks delicious!

We liked it because there is no MSG added, it's air-dried noodles. Mum was saying, nowadays they are all like that.

Quite a lot.

Open the pack and you see a round piece of noodles. If you are one of those who needs two packs of instant noodles to feel full, this 1 pack should be enough.

It reminds me when we were young, we were crazy over Myojo's noodles (remember the advert on TV?). Some of their noodles (I remember it was Mee Goreng) were 100gm instead of the smaller packs by other brands. They were also round!

Aiyo, it's so Prima

Instead of small packs of seasoning, the seasoning looks big!
Look at 2 photo above to see the size. It's like cooking Prima Mixes stuff!

We were discussing the other day with my aunt. She said the sauce is too thick and she prefers only to put half of each pack. I think if you like your laksa super lemak and 'gao gao', you should put all in. I know some of you will say, you will go 'botak' soon!

7 minutes laksa?

It takes a long time to cook though! 7 minutes it says on the wrapper.
I was cooking two packs at together to be shared with my sister.

Laksa with Char Siu

We thought it looked a bit too plain, so while I was cooking, sis went downstairs to buy $5 of Char Siu to go with our noodles. Why did not we just eat laksa from the stalls? Because some laksa stalls simply cannot make it! LOL. This cook at home noodles taste better than many laksa stalls!

Our family other favourite is Koka's Tomyam Hor Fun and also Indomie's Mee Goreng!

Have you tried it, what's your verdict of this noodles?

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Kenny Mah said...

That's so cute - that your sis went out to buy char siu from the hawker centre to add to the instant laksa noodles. :)

XY said...

I tried this recently! The laksa taste is quite nice, but this is from someone who has only eaten laksa thrice in her life :P

Anonymous said...

Really like your food blog. Hope u can update more often. Are there anymore nice and cheap zi char places to eat in the West of Singapore? Thanks!

Su-Lin said...

Oh wow! I need to start looking out for this - not seen it in the shops here in London yet!

maameemoomoo said...

Tell u something very silly.. i actually waited at the promo counter at NTUC finest to try this but after 10 mins when it (the noodle) was almost cooked, i left because the boy needed to go to the loo!

Think i'll just go buy a packet to try one of these days.

Unknown said...

What to do, like to eat meat!

3 times only in your life? You are missing out!

But maybe you will live longer too! ;-p

Hmm. Try the one, beside the Clementi Police Station, that place has nice zhi char and reasonably priced.

Along Upper Bukit Timah Road, near the Hokkien Association, that one is very very popular, got to wait, but the food is good and cheap, that's why people are still queueing for it ;-)

It will soon hopefully. After blogging about this, I found out they have an online store and they have many outlets in UK that sells it too!

Finest had promo, 2 for $5 something and I bought a lot the other day! LOL

10 mins, the noodles would have been very soft?

For instant noodles standard it's very good! Just dunno if you have picky tongue. hehe...

Cuisine Paradise said...

Wow! Now i found another new way to eat Laksa by adding Char Siu yummy!!! but friendly speaking i find their laksa gravy still ok for instant products as in can stop your craving in the middle of the night :p

Unknown said...

Ya, the stock at home, is for midnight cravings! It's on sale this week in Cold Storage!

Anonymous said...

Errrr.... Why would u go for pkt instant laksa in spore when u can get a far decent bowl anywhere? I tried this and it's AWFUL! Gravy is cloying, way too sweet and has a consistency between phlegm and starch solution. It has a sickly aroma and the color is a little jaundiced.
Eat only in extremes eg pregnancy craving while in the north pole.
I bought six packets (greedy la) and threw away five. Wouldn't even subject the neighbors dog to such gunk.
Sorry if I dun agree w u but my baba foremothers would screech banshee wails if they tasted this stuff.
PS I don't run a competing business. Only a discerning palate like all of u.

Douglas O

Anonymous said...

Worst Laksa I have ever tasted! Selling at S$2.70 per single packet at NTUC.
It does not contain any Laksa Leafs in it's spices .... Maybe Prima Taste have never heard of this spice!
For S$3, I can have a bowl of decent bowl of Laksa WITH COCKLES CLAMS! Eating Laksa without cockles clams is like eating pizza without cheese! The Noodles still tasted uncook after a long period Boiling. (Any instant noodle other brand only needs 4 minutes of boiling!)
Prima Taste place the name "Singapore Laksa La Miam" on this packaging, Please Do Not Disgrace our Singaporean Taste buds, We Singaporean would have gladly Flushed this down the toilets after the first bite!
I greatest disappointment in instant noodle eating to date!

Unknown said...

Douglas O & Anonymous

It's 'interesting' to read your comments. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Bought one on a trip to Singapore and loved it so much I am here searching where to buy 'em in the UK. Somebody, please export! These noodles are excellent!

Unknown said...

Anon, I think some grocery stores in UK might sell it.

I know Wing Yip in UK sells a huge range of Asian stuff, give them a call and see if they sell it ;-)

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