Friday, October 26, 2007

Astons Express @ Prince George's Park, NUS

A few days ago, a colleague was telling us: Hey! Astons has opened in PGP. Let's go, let's go. It's Friday, last week we said we gonna make it Indian Food Fridays, but the two pro-Indian food person's on leave, the two anti-Indian food also on leave. We have only 3 neutral food person.

So today, we went over to PGP to have lunch. We abandon all of them!
There were the sets, where u pick a meat, and two sides.

Prime Rib Eye, House Salad, Baked Potato $11.70

Prime Sirloin, House Salad, Garden Veggie $9.70

This is the side dish that coincidently all 3 of us had. haha...

Honey Bourbon Ribs, House Salad, Mashed Potato $12.30

I think there's a tad too much sauce over it yah?

Not bad. We liked our food. The prices are cheaper and also the portions. You wont get the super bloated feel.

Click here for our pictures of food we had at Astons Specialties some time ago.

This stall in PGP has just opened about a week or so. I guess they have arrived in the Western part of Singapore.

The address:
Astons Express
27 Prince George's Park
Blk 8, MB 1 Stall 5
Singapore 118425

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DK said...


What is their opening hours?

Keropok Man said...

dk, paiseh, not sure.

but we are hungry bunch might be going back lunch hours next week to try other food, so we can find out.

Benita said...

Shiok! Eh, I'm going to temp at NUS biz school for a month come November 1st. We meet up for lunch! I MUST have the ribeye! Buay tahan!!!

Keropok Man said...


aiyo, char bor not nice to sound so glutton. LOL...

yeah, if you are around, should meet up to eat!

Anonymous said...

sigh.....why wasn't there stall like this during my stay at PGP??? Why why why??? *howls*

momo said...

the ribs has way too much sauce! was it very salty?

mummy sze said...

arrghhhh ... we wanna go also !! rem to call us next time hoh ....

but come to think of it, with the price they offer, can survive at PGP arh :P

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

You can come to Astons Express at Foodgle Hub food court from 10am - 9.30pm DAILY. Enjoy the best western food in Singapore.

Moreover, the Indian food lovers may choose to eat Anjappar Indian Express. Choose other local delights, like yong tau foo and chicken rice or try specialties food like Vietnamese food. All is under one roof.

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