Thursday, October 18, 2007

Nasi Putih Ayam Penyet @ ABC Market

Today colleagues and I wanted to eat swedish meatballs, but Ikea was so packed, so we detoured to ABC market, hoping to eat Fatty Cheong. But... it was not opened!

So, 2 of us ended up eating Malay food, while the rest ate other things.

Not sure which one is good, we saw this stall had a bit of queue. Haha... So we ordered from here.

I had Ayam Penyet. I enjoyed looking at the lady hitting the chicken with this steel hammer, then dipping it inside the oil to deep fry it. Taste ok lah. So so.. chilli is not pedas.

Another colleague ordered the Nasi Ambeng. Ok, how do you pronounce that? "Arm" & "Beng" that sounds with Ah Beng right? Wrong! We were corrected. It is "Arm" & "Berng".

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Pif said...

Hello! I'm a singaporean who has since migrated and I thought to drop a comment to let you know that you're my absolute favourite food blog! Whenever I miss SG food, I just come online and get my daily 'hit' ;)
Of course, nothing compares to the real thing so I can't wait till I next go back. Gonna get some recommendations from your site!
Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...

Hi Pif,

Yes, you should come back and eat the real thing!

Ming the Merciless said...

Now, I could eat this all day long.

I love varieties in my dish. Ah Beng-kia, tumbuk lu nanti.

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