Thursday, November 03, 2011

CP Curry Wings

Have you seen this Curry Wings at NTUC Fairprice? I recently got a pack of frozen CP Curry Wings to sample / review.

Our family mostly bought the CP Shrimp Wantons because somehow it suits the taste of our family and it's like an easy extra dish to prepare when we are too busy to cook.

CP Curry Wings

The CP Curry Wings costs $4.60. It has the usual bright CP packaging that has photo of the product that tempts you.

The packaging says No preservatives added into the preparation.
The net weight is 300G and when I opened it, there was 7 wing-stick in it.

CP Curry Wings

The packaging says you can deep fry, oven bake or microwave it.
If you deep fry at it at 185ºC, it will take 3-4 minutes.
Oven baking takes 6-6.5 minutes on 200ºC.
Microwaving at High (900W) takes only 2-3 mins.

I am feeling lazy and I opted to microwave it instead. Cooking method with the least things to clean! I microwaved it at 1000W for 3 minutes. I took it out and felt it was not hot enough for my liking.

I think 1 more minute will be good if you have normal microwave. I have a reheat function in my microwave that I can set the temp, and I set it at 85ºC.

CP Curry Wings

This is the finished product that I prepared or simply microwaved!

I served it to my sister to try it out. Her comments were, this is roasted chicken curry wings? How different she said. It quite fragrant. It tastes like curry with a strong turmeric accent. The curry is on the lighter note, so it's not spicy. She added the chicken was well marinated too. She ate 3 at a go.

I did not overcook the chicken, so it was juicy. I ate the rest, probably kids with children who can take a slight spicy food can take it as well.

It has been available at NTUC Fairprice since 1 September. It will be available at all major supermarkets in Singapore from 1 December 2011. RRP is $4.60.

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