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The Moluccas Room @ The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands

Talking about fine dining establishments, most people would not think of Malay or Indonesian food as the cuisine of choice. Most would probably think of French or Italian on the top of their list.

How many times have you wished that you can bring your friends to a fine dining food that serves really good Indonesian food? Somewhere classy, and when you dress up, you would not be out of place.

The folks at The Moluccas Room have done a pretty good job!

The Moluccas Room

Located at Marina Bay Sands, it's at the same complex that house many celebrity chef restaurants.
I was there during the day and found the place very cosy and yet classy chic.

The Moluccas Room

The deco is modern Indonesian. Clean lines with warm tones all around.
Ladies will be glad to note that their chairs have a hook for handbags too!

The Moluccas Room

This place serve alcohol so it is not halal.
If you are coming, ask them about that piece of granite table top! I heard there's a story behind it.

PR firm FoodNews hosted a few of us for the lunch.

The Moluccas Room

Our lunch has been prepared by Chef Alicia Tivey. She's Australian with an Indonesian mother. Her mother is where she learn all her Indonesian food and secrets.

Chef Alicia had even trained under Chef Tetsuya Wakuda in the 90s in Sydney. There she served French-Japanese food. With over 20 years of experience, she is now at The Moluccas Room, combining her classic training with the food of her heritage. Indonesian food prepared in classic French techniques.

Here's what we delighted our tongues to:

Starters and nibbling

The Moluccas Room

A Nasi Ulam Amuse-bouche.
Experience different Amuse-bouche when you dine here. This was so pretty and delicious as well.

The Moluccas Room

An array of dips to go with your food.
I know not many people will try them, but if you are one that loves some heat in your food, try them all!

The Moluccas RoomThe Moluccas Room
The Moluccas RoomThe Moluccas Room
(Click on the photo to see a bigger photo of it)

The Moluccas Room

These are sampling portions of the sate. The real set comes in sticks of 5 and is about 30g each.
I like how they arranged each satay and their individual sauces for us.

(From left to right)
Sate Padang Lidah Sapi ($27)
Buttery rich Angus beef tongue sate done Padang style served with warm and thickened beef broth sauce

Sate Ayam Madura ($22)
An Eastern Java delicacy-grilled chicken tenders served with creamy roasted peanut sauce

Sate Angus ($25)
Sweet and savoury Angus beef sate with a touch of citrusy lightness served with a peanut and sweet soy sauce.

The Moluccas RoomThe Moluccas RoomThe Moluccas Room
(Click on photos to view them in full glory.)

If you ask me which one I like most, I like them all! The one that I particularly like is something really different. The Sate Padang Lidah sapi. Beef Tongue can be so good. You won't know that it's tongue if no one told you. The texture is delicious and perfect for sate!


The Moluccas Room

Next for us to savour was Soto Ayam Lamongan. ($15)
This is the smaller tasting portion.

The Moluccas Room

I like how they pour out the chicken soup right in front of you.

The Moluccas Room

The humble Soto Ayam with the aromatic herbs and spices.
When it's served fine dining style, I can't slurp it the usual way I eat this. I had to slowly enjoy it. ;-)

The Moluccas Room

On the first sip of the soup, some might find it a little light. Well if you like it more sour or spicy, they have condiments for you to add. The taste of the soup really changes with these different condiments!


The Moluccas Room

Again, tasting portions of the entrees.

The Moluccas Room

Udang Blado Padang ($35)
Fried king prawn topped an aromatic Western Sumatra sauteed chilli sambal.

I liked this prawn! My dining companion, found it a bit under salted. But I think it's fine for my taste.

The Moluccas Room

Ayam Sakura Tangkap Aceh Selada Mangga ($19)
Tangy green mango salad and aceh styled deep fried shrimp paste marinated chicken chunks garnished with a mix of aromatic fresh herbs and crispy shallot flakes

The Moluccas Room

This is an Indonesian rendition of shrimp paste chicken!


We were served three tasting portions of the main courses.

The Moluccas Room

Ikan Bakar Jimbaran ($35)
Sweet and spicy grilled fresh fish fillet.

The sea bass was so soft and delicate. I wonder how they do it in the kitchen, ikan bakar never tasted so nice! Most ikan bakar we try are always dry. The sweet and spicy sauce over it goes so well with fish. It reminds me of nyonya style fish. 

I have not been to Jimbaran, Bali. Maybe I should to try out dishes like this!

The Moluccas Room

Angus Steak Rendang ($35)
Tender beef steak tenderloin topped with an extremely flavourful Javanese style rendang curry sauce

I also liked this dish! If you try this dish you would be wondering how did it turn out this way? The meat just taste 'different'. Well, the beef steak was cooked using vacuum. It was done using the sous vide cooking method. Definitely not the usual beef rendang we are used to.

The rendang sauce was also different. It has been strained to give it a smooth texture. I was secretly hoping this was not the tasting portion but the full portion!

Most of us won't be able to prepare this at home. We don't have the equipment and also the time to prepare this dish! Worth every penny paid for it!

The Moluccas Room

Confit Sakura Ayam Tuturaga ($33)
A light citrusy confit chicken curry from the Northern Sulawesi region

If you have bought Sakura chicken and prepare them at home, you know they already taste different. I have bought them and find that they have very little fat.  Chef Alicia says this dish was prepared using the chicken fat. I asked how on earth could you get the fat to cook it? The chicken itself has so little fat!

The chicken was firm yet tender and the curry was light citrusy. It's somehow the kind of curry that you can drink it all up! Try this for classic french technique chicken with Indonesian flavour.


The Moluccas Room

I was a bit too full for desserts after eating a little of everything. It can be quite filling!
When the dessert appeared, my heart melted and I relented. 

Sri Kaya Creme Brulee ($17)
Creamy coconut custard fragrantly flavoured with pandanus and topped with the perfect caramelised crust accompanied with a scoop of our home made Indonesian flavoured sorbet.

The Moluccas Room

Creme brulee with Indonesian flavour.
It's quite good you know!

The Moluccas Room

This sorbet was really really sweet! Reminds me of Indonesian desserts in Indonesia.
I like it though. Probably because it was only a bit of it. Palm Sugar sorbet.

I am sure you will get a mad sugar rush.
Probably a good idea to order tea or coffee and have it without sugar.
I think that makes a delightful ending to it.

If you can't decide what to eat, you can try their set lunches. A degustation dinner menu is also available. Call the restaurant to check out what they have. I noticed the table beside us having the set lunch and it looked quite good.

For their full menu, visit their website at:

The Moluccas Room
2 Bayfront Avenue
#01-81 Marina Bay Sands
Singapore 018956

Tel: +65 6688-7367

Hours: Daily - Lunch 11.30am to 3pm, Dinner 6.30pm to 10pm

Scan QR Code for
Address Details.

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