Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Summer Palace @ The Regent Singapore

This was lunch one Sunday afternoon with KopiKosongGirl and LadyDi recently. LadyDi treated KopiKosongGirl to a birthday lunch. Both ladies were interested in Dim Sum lunch, and made a reservation. I had to privilege to join the ladies too!

We had the Chef Liu's Tasting Menu 5 (for Lunch).
It's $38++ per person, with a minimum of 2 persons having it.

There were 5 items in the tasting menu.

1) Chef' Dim Sum Selection

The ladies with the recommendation from the service staff chose 3 items from the Dim Sum Menu.
But we ordered an extra Dim Sum because we saw the menu and got quite tempted.

Summer Palace

We had the Steamed Pumpkin Dumpling as an extra order.
The Dim Sum here were all so delicate. We loved this Pumpkin Dumpling. The savoury and yet a little sweet taste of the pumpkin makes it quite charming. The skin's also thin and you can see the translucency of it from the photo above.

Summer Palace

The Steamed Chives Dumpling in Teochew Style.
Look at the presentation of these 3 Dim Sum's that part of the tasting set. It's like a western high tea style 'pretty'. There were succulent prawns in it and the chives were wrapped inside and also part of the soft delicate dumpling skin.

Summer Palace

The Steamed Prawn Dumpling with Bird's Nest
How could the ladies resist not ordering this? It's Bird's Nest dumpling! The crunchy prawn dumpling topped with Bird's Nest.

The ladies claimed it's good for their complexion! Eating and getting beautiful at the same time!

Summer Palace

Barbecue Pork Buns with Pine Nuts.
Oh, this reminded us a bit of Tim Ho Wan's Polo Bun, but bigger and with more filling too. I love the top part where there is the crumbly pastry. The barbecue pork filling had pine nuts too! I don't mind mind having a couple more of this!

2) Double Boiled Shark's Fin Bone Cartilege Soup with Fish Maw and Bamboo Piths.

Summer Palace

For those who believe that shark's cartilage soup has health benefits, these soup was really delicious. The broth has been boiled for hours till it's thick and you can see the high viscosity in the broth.

Anti-shark people, maybe ask for a change or choose another tasting menu.

Summer Palace

Generous amount of fish maw and bamboo piths in the soup. This was lovely!

3) Homemade Beancurd with Fish Fillet, Bean Gluten and Vegetables

Summer Palace

This was an interesting dish. At a glance, you think the brownish stuff  is all the same. It's 3 ingredients prepared to look the same! There's bean curd at the bottom, fried fish fillet in the middle and bean gluten on top!

The 3 of us like how it was made to blend nicely together. They managed to make all 3 ingredients look almost the same. When you bit it, it has 3 different kind of texture.

4) Steamed Glutinous Rice with Crabmeat

Summer Palace

This glutinous rice with crab meat was really good. Served in a mini bamboo dim sum steamer, the rice came steaming hot. To me, it was a joy picking up the rice with a chopstick, enjoying the grains of sticky rice and crabs meat with other ingredients too.

Why do I eat picking grains? To waste time! LOL. When guys join in the ladies, all we need to do is eat, let the ladies talk and gossip. Don't you think they are incredible? Jumping from topic to topic, some that are so far apart and they can make a link to it. I salute them.

5) Combination of Desserts

Summer Palace

The dessert was a rather 'yellow/orange' dessert. Mango sago and an cute little egg tart served on a square of yellow egg crepe.

It was a very delightful lunch. It can be quite filling too!

Summer Palace @ The Regent Singapore
1 Cuscaden Road
Singapore 249715

T:+65 6733 8888

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Anonymous said...

I think there's nothing wrong with eating Shark's fin or cartilage or whatever... But its the manner in which they hunt for it is what's in question. If you take the shark and have uses for its meat, skin, fins etc. - then i guess its fine.

But to hunt it for only its fins or only certain "selected" parts mainly for selfish human reason like "health benefits" when maybe a type of vitamin can do the same - that isn't right no matter what animal or no matter which context you put it in.

Well you have conscience. Schools of sharks died (in vain) for you and you and you...

Does it feel good?

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