Monday, November 14, 2011

UCA Cassava Chips by Tai Sun

Have you seen these colourful packs of chips at the supermarket recently?

I was recently given 2 packs of each to try and I tested it on my colleagues in the office and also the 2 ladies at home who loves to snack.

Tai Sun who most are familiar with the range of nuts have recently launched a brand of chips called UCA. The chips are made from cassava, a type of tapioca. I think most of us have eaten tapioca chips. Usually available in clear plastic packets.

According to their press release, UCA has lesser calories, fat and sodium than most potato chips.

UCA Cassava Chips

They are available in 120gm packs and are the big packs of chips, similar to the big pack of chips usually available on supermarket shelves.

3 flavours available are the Original, Hot and Spicy, Grill BBQ.
3 captions that captured my attention, Cholesterol Free, Trans Fat Free and Gluten Free.

The Original flavour. 

UCA Cassava Chips

It seems that most colleagues and the 2 ladies at home love the original flavour.

The first bite and they say, this taste familiar. It's tapioca chips right? The types that "uncle" carry big huge bags to sell in offices. (Does your office have that too? haha)

These chips are surprisingly less oily and not too salty. It's also wonderfully crispy.

UCA Cassava Chips

My sis watches this all the time, so it's here for you to compare to your regular chips.

Grilled BBQ Flavour

UCA Cassava Chips

The Grill BBQ flavour is my favorite though. I like things with BBQ flavour or French Onions.
So this flavour suits me.

UCA Cassava Chips

For those who reads the nutrition information.

Hot and Spicy Flavour

UCA Cassava Chips

For this flavour, it taste rather spicy but my head registers it as something lacking.

I was thinking of the usual spicy tapioca chips that we buy, the ones with the sticky, gooey and oily texture that covers the tapioca chips and sometimes with peanuts before I opened the pack.

I saw the above and it looks like the rest. This is the healthier version of it.
The chilli has a biting kind of feel.

UCA Cassava Chips

Compared to potato chips, cassava chips has 10% less calories, 40% less fat and up to 40% less sodium too.

Most ofter kind of chips, eg potato and corn chips costs $4-8 depending on where it's from. Guess the price of these chips? It's only S$2.30

UCA Cassava Chips is manufactured by Tai Sun (Lim Kee) Food Industries Pte Ltd. It's a Singapore-based company that has been around since 1966. They have attained HACCP certification so you know these chips are manufactured and packed hygienically.

For more information you can visit

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Camemberu said...

Oh yes, I tried these recently! Jolie picked out the BBQ one from the supermarket shelf - the packaging must be attractive to kids! Actually it's just krepek ubi. Ah I miss the packets we get from Malaysia...what's that big shop again at Parit Raja en route to BP?

Keropok Man said...


Yes, the kerepek ubi, plain ones.

It's like a wholesaler, different
stalls at the Cooperative building at Parit Raja. Have not been there for a long time!

Haha.. Jolie shops on your behalf ah?

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