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Le Jardin D' Antoinette @ Palais Renaissance

Have you recently discovered a French garden in Orchard Road? It's located inside Palais Renaissance. This is only 'roofless' gazebo that you can see from the higher floor when you look in the centre of the mall.

This is the newest branch of Antoinette that most ladies in Singapore are familiar with.

Le Jardin D' Antoinette @ Palais Renaissance

If you are one that has eye for details, you should look at the details Chef Pang puts in for the design of this place. He's so hands-on, that I wonder how such a busy can find time to do it. It must be his passion.

Le Jardin D' Antoinette @ Palais Renaissance

From what I heard, these pieces of furniture can't really be found elsewhere. They were partially custom made for this place.

This was a recent invite by Antoinette through their PR folks for a tasting.
It's to taste their new menu and also the 2012 Cake Collection.

The portions shown here are much smaller than the real thing because we were trying out many items. The actual portions are 2-3 times bigger.

Classic French Onion Soup / $16.50

The classic soup that was so appetizing. It was a very rich and aromatic bouillon, full of flavour from the caramalized onions and meats that was used to make it. There was a piece of cheese baguette inside. I love how the gruyere and parmesan crust covers the soup bowl.

Tartine de Nicoise / Butter lettuce, French bean, tomatoes, olives, 3-minute egg, anchovy,
and seared tuna served on levain ($26)

This very light and tasty salad was served with Chef Pang's homemade levain (sourdough bread). If you don't already know, Chef Pang's restaurant makes their own bread and they also culture their yeast. The bread was made using yeast that was culture 16 days.

This reminds me of mum's experiments, she sometimes make bread from yeast spores that floats in the air. It takes a super long time. Am not sure how Chef Pang, but I guess it's from some controlled environment to get the flavour he wants for his bread. Mum's version is not as nice, maybe I should bring mum over and let her try it to improve her version. ;-)

Le Jardin D' Antoinette @ Palais Renaissance
Bouchées aux fruits de mer / Seafood in puff pastry case ($30)

The seafood like the scallops, squid and shrimps were done just nice. It's for those who like cream based sauce. 

Le Jardin D' Antoinette @ Palais Renaissance
Confit de Poitrine de Porc / Traditional French style pork belly confit served with garlic mash, seasonal vegetables and mustard sauce ($36)

Oh, I like this dish. The pork belly that was not too fatty, was confit in duck fat. It's a dish that 'babitarians' (babi - the word that Peranakan used for pork) would love!

For this dish, how I wished it was the full portions that I think has 3-4 pieces of this delicious pork.

Le Jardin D' Antoinette @ Palais Renaissance
Prawn Crumble / Spaghettini aglio olio style with fresh prawns, anchovy crumble and parsley pesto ($26)

This pasta was really unique. The texture of the al dante pasta with anchovy crumble and pesto reminds me of how we sometimes cook 'play cheat' pasta at home. We would use noodles or thin pasta and sprinkle some hae bee hiam on it. The texture is similar, but this of course taste much better!

Le Jardin D' Antoinette @ Palais Renaissance
It's a dry version of the regular pasta. You may like it.

A trip to Antoinette is incomplete without tasting their cakes and pastry!
Here's what we sampled:

Le Jardin D' Antoinette @ Palais Renaissance
Chloe / Yuzu cremeux, white chocolate vanilla mousse, light sponge cake, almond sable ($9)

Le Jardin D' Antoinette @ Palais Renaissance
Tarte Exotique / Almond tart, gula Melaka cremeux, finger sponge with gula Melaka, coconut mousse, exotique coulis ($8.50)

Le Jardin D' Antoinette @ Palais Renaissance
Forbidden Fruit / Green apple mousse, maple cremeux, vanilla caramel apple, green apple jelly, financier cake ($9)

The cakes and tarts were all equally good. You need to try them all to pick your favourite!

Le Jardin D' Antoinette @ Palais Renaissance
You can pick up all these delightful chocolates for takeaways!

Le Jardin D' Antoinette @ Palais Renaissance
And savour all the macarons you want too!
So many choices! Which is your favourite flavour here?

Le Jardin D' Antoinette @ Palais Renaissance
Many people will prefer sitting in Le Jardin (Garden), where you get an airy feeling where people in the mall can also see you have your meal.

If you prefer more privacy and want to feel like you are dining in some European aristocratic dining room, you can opt to dine in the inner room called Le Salon d'Antoinette.

Le Jardin D' Antoinette @ Palais Renaissance
If you are organizing a private function, you can also book Le Salon I'Elysee, a private room that can sit 8-10 people. If you want to organize something special for 2 you can also book this place. They can provide customized menu too if you book this room. For rates, do call them.

Thanks to Chef Pang and Hsian Ming from Sixth Sense Comm for hosting the group of us.

Antoinette at Palais Renaissance
390 Orchard Road,
B1-08/09/10C Palais Renaissance
Singapore 238871

Tel: +65 67356392
Hours: 11 am - 10 pm daily
URL: www.antoinette.com.sg

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