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Zero.Zero @ The Central

[This was a HungryGoWhere food tasting / review session with the HungryGoWhere folks.]

Zero.Zero, the moment you walk in has a warm cosy feel to it. If you are a woody/brown person the deco here would please you from the start. I like the deco that makes you very comfortable. Probably because I like the earthy tones.

Zero.Zero @ The Central

Zero.Zero is by the same people behind Tao's Restaurant. They serve fusion food that's quite reasonably priced and of quite good quality too.

Zero.Zero @ The Central

There are a few sections in the restaurant. There are a few private rooms, an open place where you can hold private corporate events and also the above, two long parallel tables where I was told, people hold intimate wedding banquet for close family and friends.

Zero.Zero @ The Central

This was the Zero Signature Set that we tried that night.  It's a picked 1 dish from each section style of ordering. 

When you are ordering food, there's a guy who comes with a iPad to take your orders. Take a peep into his iPad like we did. It's quite a cool app that you can view photos of the dishes that you want to order!

Here's the amuse bouche and the 5 courses that I had. 

Amuse Bouche

Zero.Zero @ The Central
We started with a shot glass of icy plum juice. It was served on a wooden container that's filled with ice. The slightly sourish taste activates your saliva glands and you can't wait to have your meal!

Zero.Zero @ The Central
We had 3 little creations for the Amuse Bouche. What was served to us that night was a potato croquet, mini or shall I say micro toast with foie gras on it and seared scallop on watermelon. The potato was nice, but I could not appreciate the foie gras.

Zero.Zero @ The Central
While I did not really like the toast and foie gras because of a personal bias, I really like the seared scallops on watermelon. It has a refreshing feel to it.

Cold Dish

Zero.Zero @ The Central
There were 5 choice for the cold dish and I chose the Smoked Duck Breast with Apple Slices. The slightly salty smoked duck goes well with the apple slices that was crunchy and sweet.

I like how the crunchy and sweet apple slices went with the salty tender yet a little chewy duck meat. If you like you could also pour the shot glass of apple puree over it. The slightly acidic puree will cut through the sweetness and saltiness of the dish, but I prefer it just the apple slices and duck.

Zero.Zero @ The Central

I borrowed my neighbour's dish to take a photo too. If you don't like duck, try the Maguro Tataki Carpaccio. Looks quite good doesn't it?

Side Dish

Zero.Zero @ The Central
For my side dish, I chose the Stewed Beef Tendon. Most of us ordered this because we all heard it's once of the best dishes around.

It is really very good. The tendon had been braised till they just dissolves in your mouth. The braise is very nice too and the 2 bread sticks can be used to soak up the sauce. I would love to have 2 portions of this!

Zero.Zero @ The Central
This was also a 'neighbour's dish' that I borrow to photograph.
It's the Grilled Escargot with Cheese.

Zero.Zero @ The Central
Someone thought of trying Sake and was introduced this Sakura Sake.

Oooo. This very different indeed. It's fragrant and very sweet!
You might forget this is sake and down the whole bottle!


Zero.Zero @ The Central
For the soup, I had the Japanese Clear Fish Soup. I chose this because I saw on the menu that the rest of the soup were cream based and did not feel like having a heavy soup. The soup was all right. Light and tasty, but a little forgettable. ;-)

Zero.Zero @ The Central
The neighbour's Cream of Mushroom Soup with Truffle Oil. He seemed to enjoy it, so I guess it was good.

Main Course

Zero.Zero @ The Central
Everyone heard that this was the best, and almost everyone who liked beef ordered it. It's 'Beef Loin on Houba Leaf'.  The beef was placed on the houba leaf and it's on top of a very heated stone. Very hot stone!

Houba or some spell it as Hoba Leaf is a species of Magnolia that's grown in the higher altitude forest in Japan.

Zero.Zero @ The Central
The beef is only lightly sprinkled with salt and pepper. One of the reasons why the place is called is that they want you to try dishes as it is, with minimal flavouring.

The beef loin was good! The leaf was slightly crackling all the time, and it also gave a slight burnt aroma while you cook it.  The leaf acted like a 'non stick' layer that prevented the beef from sticking on the stone. Cook the beef according to the done-ness you like.

I would highly recommend you to try this!

Zero.Zero @ The Central
If beef is not your thing, maybe you can try what another neighbour tried, this was the Pan Roasted Duck Confit with Mustard Cream.


Zero.Zero @ The Central
I heard everyone said the Zeromisu was excellent, but I wanted to try their Vanilla Mille Feuille, Zero Style. It was I guess all right.

ZeroZero1Zero.Zero @ The Central5
OK, I confess. I ordered this because it comes with a scoop of ice cream!

It was a good meal and also to meet up with some HungryGoWhere reviewers. The neighbour that I was talking about, he looked so familiar, but both of us can't figure out where and when we met!

I think a 5 course meal for $89.80++ was a good deal. The food's of a certain quality too. It's a nice place to bring your date for a meal with a view (depending on where you are seated). I read of a review by a lone diner (on HungryGoWhere) too that says it's a nice place to eat alone.

Hint: There are a few credit cards that either give you a 1-for-1 or 50% off this set meal. Read other reviews on the HungryGoWhere site for the offer updates. ;-)

Read more reviews of this place at the HungryGoWhere site:

6 Eu Tong Sen Street
#04-86 The Central,
Singapore 059817

Tel: 6224 4139
Hours: Daily 11:30 am - 10:00 pm

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FoodieFC said...

Great ambience and environment! So modern and classy!

Gerald Ng said...

Why is the menu eerily similar to the Clan at Bukit Pasoh Road. Check it out if you don't believe me.


Salmon Mousse Cone & Pan seared scallop w truffle asparagus, truffle foam
& Foie gras terrine w cranberry sauce & pistachio cranberry crumbs​

Cold Dish (Only for dinner)

Oyster in three ways
Alaskan king crab w homemade karashi dressing
Sashimi (salmon, tako, red drum fish, prawn & yuzu pickled daikon)
Earl grey cured tuna w lavender scent fruit salsa & orange basil emulsion
Beef carpaccio w truffle mustard tossed mesclun salad in truffle teriyaki & horseradish sauce

Side Dish

Herb crusted mushroom escargot
Foie gras chawamushi w dehydrated mushroom
Tempura espuma soft shell crab w homemade sauce
Steam bamboo clam w salmon trout roe drizzle w japanese sauce
Kurobuta pork belly confit w pork cracker & passion fruit sauce


Cepes mushroom w truffle paste
Crab bisque cappuccino w truffle foam & prawn twister
Double boiled beef consommé w caramelized onion & shallot wrap
Miso soup w yuzu essence


48 hrs short ribs w mandeira sauce
48 degree poached salmon w japanese broth, dehydrated wakame & leek confit
Spiced braised lamb shank w potato panko & extra virgin olive powder
Kurobuta pork jowl in pistachio puree w pickled zucchini & 64 degree egg yolk
Crispy barramundi w herbs salsa, squid ink garlic puree, basil oil & crustacean oil pasta
Duck confit w plum mustard, truffle mashed potato & seasonal vegetables


Mandeira cheese panna cotta
Green tea tiramisu
Chocolate lava w raspberry
Triple profiterole
Clan signature, chocolate fudge

Anonymous said...

Chef Ken Teo was previously from Dozo & Tao (was then under same management) and left to start The Clan. Zero is currently the same mmnagement as Tao restaurant, hence the similiarity in the menu. Hope it helps amswer ur question.

Gerald Ng said...

Ah I see no wonder. The beef looks exactly like the one I had at the Clan.

Without any discounts though, the Clan is definitely cheaper.

Keropok Man said...


It's quite a nice place.

Keropok Man said...

Gerald, Anonymous

Thanks Anon for helping to answer Gerald.

Gerald, putting the other menu, it makes me wanna taste the food there too.

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