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Sushi Tei - Ngee Ann City

Since June this year, Sushi Tei has moved to Level 5 of the Podium Block of Ngee Ann City. No longer beside the taxi stand at the back of Takashimaya/Ngee Ann City. The new location is bigger and more spacious with private rooms as well.

And... it's still as popular as ever. It's one of the few branches of Sushi Tei that our family love to go. We have the Sushi Tei card, so we tend to come here for Japanese food now and then. This was a recent trip where we went with my in-laws.

Sushi Tei - Takashimaya
One of the things that we have been trying since being introduced during a tasting few months ago was this Ika Okura / Squid and Lady's Finger.  ($5.20)

It's gooey with crunchy squid and lady's finger. The mother-in-law was hesitant to try it but when she tried it, she loved it. ;-)

We also had Inari / Sweet Beancurd $2.20 that was placed in the same plate.

Sushi Tei - Takashimaya
This was the Tako Wasabi / Octopus with Wasabi. $5.20.
The colour looks a bit 'dull', but if you like octopus and wasabi, it's yummy. It gives you a rush in the head! Probably a cure if you have a stressful day.

Sushi Tei - Takashimaya
This was the sashimi platter from the Seasonal Menu. It's called Sashimi Moriawase "Kushida" (Kanpachi, Ootoro, Salmon, Nama Hotate). $36.

Look at how marbled the tuna was! Such a delight having them. We laughed because KopiKosongGirl's mum does not take sashimi. It comes with 3 pieces each, and we told Mum, luckily you don't eat, so we can have a slice each!

Sushi Tei - Takashimaya
We usually order the Sashimi Salad, but since we already have sashimi, we thought we would try the Yakiniku Salad. $10.

It's quite nice to have warm beef on salad. It's quite addictive too.

Sushi Tei - Takashimaya
The MIL felt like having Unagi, so we ordered the Phoenix Roll. $18.
We like having king prawns and unagi in our mouth together. It looks pretty too!

Sushi Tei - Takashimaya
DIL like yakitori, so this was the Jumbo Yakitori ($6.80).
This is what we say, it's yakitori 'lor...'.

Sushi Tei - Takashimaya
This was another thing that looked so pretty on the menu and sounded so nice, so KopiKosongGirl wanted to try it. Lobster Salad Roll. ($8.80). It did taste very good.

We also ordered the Asari Sakamushi (Asari Clams steamed with Japanese Sake). Not sure why I can't find the photos, maybe it's because we find that it used to taste better, but nowadays KopiKosongGirl says the amount of sake in it seems to be getting less potent.

We liked this new branch and so did the in-laws. It seems it is already quite popular with the crowds. If you go a bit earlier, you get to go in quite quickly without much wait. Send someone over to queue if you are going between 7-8pm :-)  The good thing is that since moving up to Level 5, we don't need to queue with the taxi fumes anymore!

Sushi Tei - Ngee Ann City Branch
391 Orchard Road
#05-30/31 Podium Block
Ngee Ann City
Singapore 238873

Tel: +65 6737 8878
Hours: Mon–Sun: 11.30am–10pm

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