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Many of us love to eat out yet we are all a million things. We want to shorten the time waiting for a table if possible. There are places that do not take reservations, but there are also places that do.

I have to confess, I am usually not the one making reservations. The wife is the one that usually makes it. She hates uncertainty and would rather go to another place to eat if we aren't sure of seats availability in the restaurant.

I have always believe that there would be space available for walk ins, and I have been proven wrong recently by the wife. We walked to places and have been told we have to wait 1 hour or more. "See! You are proven wrong again." says the wife.

One of the many restaurant reservation websites in Singapore is
We have been trying it out and it works!

The wife was saying that reservation system doesn't confirm with you if your reservation is successful, so she has to call to confirm. That was the early reservation systems long ago.

Technology have advanced and wehave tried a few times and it happens to have the restaurants that we want to try. We are also happy that there's instantly confirmed and we can check on your reservations directly with Chope's database anytime. You can even edit your reservations. Dining Reservations

It's multi platform too!

You can access it from your web browser when you are using your PC / Mac desktops or notebook.
The website version has more information if you want to find out more about deals, competitions, articles etc.

One interesting feature of Chope is the "Search Across" feature.
You can select the date, time and number of persons to book with one button.

Chope will list restaurants which are available for booking. In addition, you can filter results further by location, cuisine type, and other requirements (e.g. child-friendly, romantic dates, average spending and more).

Aside from the convenience of booking 24/7, this feature is definitely handy for undecided users, or last minute bookings. Dining Reservations Dining Reservations

It's also available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.
Both the iOS and Google App version are similar. I have it installed in both my phones.

I have registered an account on the website and I just need to use the same log in ID to log on using the phone. Signing up is really easy. Your name, email, telephone number that's all! Dining Reservations

The mobile app version is probably what most of us will use.
Our mobile phone is always with us and we just want to quickly make a reservation with the least steps possible.

You can search for restaurants easily. New restaurants are listed separately, so it's useful when you want to find out what's new. You can also scroll through all the listings.

I mentioned the "Search Across" function that has.
You know how I use it?

I put in a weekend say the 15 March weekend at noon. This will list out a place that I can 'surprise' the wife for a Saturday brunch. You want to know what's the results of the search?

Just download the App or go to the website and try it out! LOL Dining Reservations

For reservations, your bookings can all be found at the "My Reservations" tab.

It lists out my reservations. The restaurants that you go have a notebook and they can see your reservations. As a techie, I tried to peep into their system when I reach there. It's hard not to be too obvious I realised.

Anyway, to comfort those who always wondered if reservations are really taken, yes.
If it appears on your app, the restaurants see them too and a table has been reserved for you. Dining Reservations

One of our most recent reservations.

How to make a booking? Dining Reservations
Search for the restaurant you want and click on "Book Now". Dining Reservations

Pick the number of persons, date and time and that's about it!
Restaurants do have a cut off time if you are booking for the same day, that's what I realised.
So, don't be a procrastinator, book early. Dining Reservations

Your contact details will be displayed as what you have registered.
If you have special requests, just put it in.
Then "Confirm Booking". Dining Reservations

You get a booking confirmation code instantly. Dining Reservations 
You get an email confirmation as well.
This was an earlier booking we had last month. Dining Reservations

If you want to keep up to date on places to eat, you do get the Chope newsletter too.
So far, it has not been 'lame' newsletters. It's also not that daily spam emails that some online deals send to us. It's nicely spaced out so that you won't want to unsubscribe immediately.

So, some might ask where to chope?

Maybe you might want to chope your seats at Skyve?  Some Indonesian at Moluccas Room? Weekend brunch at Halia at Botanic Gardens? Maybe Brunch at the rustic Rochester Park at Da Paolo?

Have you chope your seats yet?
(No tissue papers needed!)

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