Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bye Bye McDonald's King Albert Park!

This is the McDonald's at King Albert Park nearest to our home. Yes, people around this area buy houses / condos / HDB because they are within the 1km radius to get into schools of their choice. Guess what? Within the 1 km of this McDonald's are MGS, Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School, Ngee Ann Poly, etc!

It's also the favourite drive thru for takeaways! The wife's friend has a friend who drives through this McDonald's weekly, with photos she can see on the friend's Instagram.

This McDonald's is also where the wife used to have breakfast / lunch / dinner with her classmates! It's closing for good on tomorrow (16 March 2014 at 2359 hours) after 23 years in this location. She says, we have to come here and have the last meal here! She said many of her classmates have already gone to have their last meal there! (ok.. roll eyes....)

 Bye Bye McDonald's KAP

Many people can also be seen taking photos with Ronald and also Hamburglar! There are more inside the other entrance, next to Cold Storage!

Bye Bye McDonald's KAP

The crowd here has been pouring in non stop! The McDonald's aunty who works here cleaning the tables says, for the last 3 or 4 weeks, it's been like that! I have to work so so hard, cleaning the tables non stop.

Bye Bye McDonald's KAP

Our last meal here, this time the Big Mac and Chicken McSpicy.
I usually have my meal with Ice Milo, but this time, it's just the good old Coke.

Bye Bye McDonald's KAP

Bye Bye Big Mac from KAP!
We will visit you again at Beauty World!

Bye Bye McDonald's KAP

The fries at KAP has always been very nice. We always suspect it's because the HQ is just upstairs!

Bye Bye McDonald's KAP

The wife and her usual McSpicy.

The cleaning Aunty was saying, this is very spicy oh.. I cannot take it, too spicy for me! She's funny lah. She will clean her tables, then come back and talk to us momentarily and go back and work. I guess we are the only people who talked to her!

Bye Bye McDonald's KAP

We wanted to sit there a bit longer, but don't want to hog the seats like ahem the NP kids, so we ordered more food. Some how, the McWings seems crispier and juicier inside that night. LOL!

Bye Bye McDonald's KAP

The McNuggets and the Curry Sauce! This stall is where we used to come and buy McNuggets to babysit our cousin when she was younger. Buy a box of 20 and we will all sit and eat them slowly with a variety of sauces!

When they first started their Open Doors Kitchen preview thingy, our family visited the kitchen. That was like years ago! That's when we learn it's possible to order File-O-Fish without salt if you don't want it!

Good bye McDonald's KAP. Maybe when the new condo and shops are completed at the very same site, you might want to come back here!

McDonald's King Albert Park
11 King Albert Park,
Singapore 598292

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