Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hans @ Buona Vista Community Club

This was one of our lunches this week. One colleague wanted to go CNY shopping, shopping for CNY goodies for the office! So we thought we would go to Hans for lunch, then walk next door to Fairprice, both at the Buona Vista Community Club.

I just took two photos. We were all just toooooo hungry to take photos.

I had the Beef Stew Set which was the special of the day. It comes with a plate of rice, a drink and a small tiny dessert. It taste not too bad. The beef sure was very tender. But you can see it is heated up. ;-)

Beef Stew

Another colleague had the half roast chicken. This roast chicken is a bit expensive, but he seems to like it.

Half Roast Chicken Set

After that, we quickly walk next door to do some quick shopping and back to the office. There's now loads of CNY goodies in the office that we are eating. By the time it's CNY, we think we won't want to eat any more goodies!

Buona Vista Community Club
Blk 36 Holland Drive #01-02
Tel: 6779-0180
Open 24 hrs

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Anonymous said...

Would we see photos of the CNY goodies? Possibly more interesting for oversees visitors to your blog. Coz we will miss all these :-(
Btw, your blog is a "must-go-to" everyday! Keep it up.
- an avid reader

Life for Beginners said...

*tummy growls*

I can't remember when the last time was I had me some really good beef stew. Want some now. LOL

Keropok Man said...

Where are you? I thought wherever there are chinese, there will be CNY goodies! :-)

Thanks for the encouragement!

I am sure lots of places in KL has nice beef stew!

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