Thursday, January 07, 2010

Wedding Lunch @ Conrad Centennial Singapore

These photos had been left in my SD Card for some time. It's time to blog about it before it's forgotten. It was a wedding lunch Momo and I had on the last Sunday of 2009.

These beautiful roses greeted us. It was on all the tables and it stayed with us the entire afternoon. ;-)
Since it's occupying the centre of the table, our food was individually served.

Beautiful Roses

This is the first cold dish. It consists of sliced smoke duck, drunken chicken roll, spring rolls, jelly fish. I like the smoke duck!

Cold Dish

Next was the braised shark's fin with conpoy, bamboo pith and crabmeat.
Talking about Sharksfin, I think many of us are hypocrites right? We always say we don't support eating it, but when it's served, we said the shark has died for a purpose, and we should not let it die in vain.

Sharks Fin Soup

Next was steamed sea bass "hong kong" style. I love fish, any style!

Steamed Fish

Oh the next dish has Keropok! We had golden crispy roast chicken next. It was not dry at all. :-)

Roast Chicken and Keropok

The food was put on hold for a moment. We were shown a beautiful photo montage of the couple.
After that, the bride and groom enters the banquet hall again!
It was Yum Seng time!

Food resumed and we were served braised "lingzhi" mushroom with scallop served with seasonal green.
Mushroom, Broccoli and Scallops

Next was Wasabi Prawns. Wasabi was not strong enough for me! hehe...

Wasabi Prawns

When we saw the menu the next dish, we were wondering what it will be like!
This is the stir-fried Japanese ramen with assorted seafood.


The final course or the dessert was hot cream of red bean with sago, lily bulb and dumpling.
Those who did have their Tang Yuan the week before, it's time to eat it. ;-)

Red Bean Soup with Tang Yuan

Lastly, the little bear from Conrad Hotels.
I think it's available at all Conrad Hotels around the world? Momo's boss has a collection of it from different countries. Momo donated this bear to her boss' collection. ;-)

Conrad Weddings Bear

Congratulations to CL and YL!
The lunch menu you all picked was delicious!

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Meg in Nelson said...

I'm willing to skip the bear if I can have the desert!

Keropok Man said...

Do you have a mochi with azuki bean paste dessert recipe that I can try? :-P

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