Thursday, January 28, 2010

Li Xiang Curry @ Dover Food Centre

Colleagues and I went to Dover Food Centre to have lunch because a colleague said that the fruits and juice stall uncle is closing his stall and it's the last day of operation. It seems he has been 'forced' to go  by rivals in the food centre. So many things have happened and even the fruit stall's van has been vandalised! (This is according to our sources!)

It seems he has been selling his things so cheap that people are not buying from other stalls. There goes our $1 juice with no ice added. The juice is cold because he stores the fruits in the fridge first. Now we have to go back to crappy stalls that sells you only 1/3 cup juice and lots of ice. (and these crappy places charge you more if you say you don't want ice!) Sigh....

Before we have our fruits. We went to have our food first. There were empty tables in front of the curry stall, so we decided to eat curry! Lots of different kinds of curry! The 4 of us decided to order 4 different kinds of curry and share.

The Vegetable Curry.  This has the lightest taste of all the curry. For the healthy and those who need fibre. ;-)

Veggie Curry

The Fish Curry. The fish is not bad, was fresh, but the portion is small. ;-(
The tow pok was also yummy! Love curry soaked tow pok that squirks out curry when you bite it!

Fish Curry

The Mutton Curry. The mutton is nice and it seems that it is our favourite curry.
It's thick and best poured over the rice.

Mutton Curry

The Pork Curry. We thought they got a pig that's on diet? LOL
The curry is nice, but it's too bony!

Pork Curry

Have you ever wondered how many grains of rice is there in a bowl of rice?
I think this plate of rice has  probably 3469 grains of rice!

How did I derive the number?
Usually a cup of uncook rice gives you around 2 bowls of cooked rice right?
A grain of rice is usually around 25 mg and a cup of rice is around 200 grams.  So that will give you around 8000 grains of rice. I am guessing this plate has 3469 grains, do you think I am correct? LOL...

3469 grains of rice

So after lunch, our dear colleague who has become the fruit uncle's best customer ordered a mix fruit platter. This huge plate costs only $5. Not much selection left because he has not been ordering fruits.

But there was loads of agar-agar, jackfruit, pineapples, water melon and rock melon (hidden below).

The $5 plate of fruits

Li Xiang Curry Fish
Dover Market and Food Centre
Stall 01-89
33 Dover Road
Singapore 130033

Update (January 2011):
This stall has moved to Ghim Moh Food Centre.

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Anonymous said...

$5??????? So ex! 1 pineapple only $1.50 leh!

NgocDung said...

The fruit dish looks delicious :P

Anonymous said...

But there are other fruits :-) I think its a great fruit plate.

Life for Beginners said...

Me, I'm gonna skip the number-of-rice-grains guessing and focus solely on pouring that thick, luscious mutton curry over the said rice... *drools*

just me said...

I am sorry but the curry stall is really the worst I've ever tasted. I know taste is subjective but the fish curry was unpalatable- it was powdery with lots of curry powder taste BUT no hint of spices. It was awful. The chicken curry was also just curry powder and thickened with coconut milk. I am suprised you gave the thumbs up for this stall- considering I've tried most of your recommendations and they are mostly spot on. Oh, I go to the places you go to because I work in NUS.

S Lloyd said...

The best oriental sauces I ever had were in Singapore and Burma. Whenever I hear a sauce was subpar, I feel insulted since it is so rare to miss a great sauce in an even decent table in Asia

PY said...

Hi I am a great fan of Li Xiang and of course your blog. Always thought that it has closed down as I never walk to the other side of the mkt till your post. Thanks a lot.

Keropok Man said...

Err, have you bought fruits from fruit stalls? ;-) They cost 50 cents to $1 for a slice of pineapple. We had 5 diff kinds of fruits I think.

Yes, it's those huge plates that is the size of 3 adult palms. I like the slices of nangka.

Ya man! Drenched rice. hehe

Just me,
Oh... Was it recently? The day we had it, it was ok, but the portions seems to have shrunk. Esp the pork curry.

There's a reason why we did not order the chicken. hehe...

S Lloyd,
Talk about Burmese sauces. I just remembered a fried was suppose to bring us to his fav Burmese food.

It was ok to 4 of us that day.

I think they are going to there only a while more. The food centre is going to be torn down soon.

Anonymous said...

So sad.. no more cheap and good $1 fruit juices for my family! Please keep us posted when you find out where the fruit juice uncle will move to. Thanks. Love your blog...

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