Friday, January 29, 2010

Frolick @ Millenia Walk

Was suppose to meet Momo for dinner, but it was a two or was it three hour wait. She works for workaholic bosses and her immediate boss and boss above, both expects people to live and breathe work. LOL..

I was waiting at Millenia Walk. I walked around all the shops and two full rounds inside Harvey Norman. So glad that there's so many things to see inside Harvey Norman. I was hungry and tired, and I needed to sit down. Might as well rest and eat something first. So I saw Frolick and sat down. (Two little tables here only though)

You know what? I did not know that there's only 2 flavours here. There's Original and Flavoured only. I always thought they have multiple flavours because they have those cute badges and I thought each represented a flavour! But they had lots of  toppings. (which I was not interested haha)

I tried a bit of the original and ooooo..., the sourness hit me. Not on a hungry stomach, I will get even more hungry! So I opted for the flavoured which was apple. (I wonder how often they change the flavour, or is it always apple?)

My cup of frozen apple yoghurt

Yes, I am so bored that I took photos of the empty container.
(and of course downloading silly apps on the iPhone)

Empty Container... not a drop bit of yoghurt left..

9 Raffles Avenue,
Millenia Walk
Singapore 039596

Hours: 1130am - 9:00pm.

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ice said...

The flavors at different outlets change twice a month, on the 1st & 15th.

Your yogurt stayed "hard" for long lol.

Keropok Man said...

Hi ice

Thanks for the update. This can be a fortnight treat! :-)

Anonymous said...

the flavour is lychee now :D

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