Monday, December 06, 2010

Keropokman's going on a cruise! Not any cruise, but a 5D4N Royal Caribbean Cruise.

If you have been following my tweets, you would probably have read that I was in Hong Kong last week for a friend's wedding, followed by a short eating trip. On Wednesday just as I arrived back at Terminal 3, Changi Airport,  I got a phone call from Ms J from even before I left the airport.

Ms J said she had been trying to contact me on my mobile and I was not picking up her calls. (It's because I used a prepaid SIM while in HK) She said: Congratulations, from the 40 bloggers who went to preview Royal Caribbean's Legend of the Seas, you are one of the 10 that had been selected to go for a 5D4N Isles of Southeast Asia Cruise. Can you make it for the trip?

I was stunned and could not give an answer. I told her, I will get back to her.  Wow... I just got back to Singapore from a holiday and within 15 minutes, I was told I can get on a paid holiday courtesy of Omy and Royal Caribbean. I asked my fiancee if I should go? "Go Go Go!", she screamed with excitement. Let's hope they pick you for the Grand Prize, the Mediterranean cruise too! That can be our Part 0.5 of our honeymoon.  We both laughed at ourselves.

I need to check if I can go. I have so much work to do in the office. Can I make it for the trip? When I got home, I checked my work schedule, instant message my colleagues, called up another department's users asking if there are no critical tasked or reports needed from me. All cleared. I applied leave online and my boss approved it! Yes, I am going for a cruise!

The last few days have been a hectic days in the office. I was trying to clear off as much work as possible!

Royal Caribbean Cruise

These are the Royal Caribbean suit cases! I collected it yesterday morning at the Royal Caribbean office at Springleaf Tower, 3 Anson Road. (that's the address to go, if you want to book yourself a cruise!)

I am so excited that I have not even peeled off the stickers on the logo when I took the photos!

Royal Caribbean Cruise

That's by Guest Ticket Booklet with all the details of the trip and my stateroom.
I went home to check in online as instructed by the Royal Caribbean folks.

It's so exciting!

Royal Caribbean Cruise

I was just looking at the previous preview posts I put up. I realised I have hundred over photos I took that I did not post up. Wow, the feeling is so unreal!

Just two weeks ago, the 40 of us previewed the ship and were wishing we could all go for a cruise on this magnificent ship. Here we are, the 10 of us really going for a cruise!

Royal Caribbean Cruise

This was a photo I took from the Cable Car the other day. See those people swimming and sun tanning, that could be either Camemberu, CalvinTimo, Darren, Eunice, Cherie, Christine, Estelle, Mui YeeYee Leong or me!

We are heading to KL and then to Phuket before heading back to Singapore. If you want to follow our journey on the cruise, head on to Omy.Sg's Royal Caribbean blog. We have been given 60 minutes of internet access throughout the trip to update it.

Facebook addicts, you can get updates when you 'like' this page:

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Anonymous said...

You lucky bastard. Enjoy the trip then, I will not miss you.

Well, someone has to tell you how we really feel.


Aussie Tourist.

Anonymous said...

congrats! have a good trip :)

Keropok Man said...

Aussie Tourist,
Awwww.... Are you speaking the truth?
Good boy/girl don't lie. ;-p

Anon 2,
Thanks! Greeting from the cruise!
I am in Phuket right now ;-)

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