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Adventure on the Legend of the Seas - Part I: Presenting my cruise mates!

Are you curious of what I did on the cruise? I had a quick pre-departure blog post here earlier this month. Here's Part 1 of the 5 posts I will be preparing, to tell you about the adventure on Legend of the Seas, a cruise by Royal Caribbean International.

These posts are also part of a competition I am entering. If you think I deserve to win the the Grand Prize which is a cruise 7D5N Western Mediterranean Fly-Cruise onboard Liberty of the Seas, please visit http://contest.omy.sg/royal-caribbean/ and vote for me! If you have time, visit that site daily and vote! You stand to win prizes too!

*** Presenting the 10 bloggers ***

Instead of the 'same' group photo that we all took, I have chosen these three photos that I like.

There were 10 of us who went on board the Legend of the Seas, 4 gentlemen and 6 gorgeous and vivacious ladies. Most of us have blogs of different genre, we have different writing styles, different dress style and our age varies too! Some are more than 10 years younger than the rest!

But we all have a similar passion. The passion to take photos like there's no tomorrow. We take photos as if we were paparazzi! It's all about clicks. Camera clicks. If there's any cause for animosity is the brands of camera. Canon vs Nikon vs Sony vs Pentax!

Part of the 10 Bloggers

If you are going out with a group of photographers and videographers, you know you can stop hiding behind a nickname. You shake hands with each other, introduce yourself and the reply will be the same. So, you are Keropokman, nice to meet you, then cameras come out and click away. Oops, I think I just got you on camera.

So be it. This is like a semi "coming out" post! That's me on the most left.

Beside me, adjusting his tie, is Darren. He's my stateroom-mate. Probably the most outgoing guy in the whole group. Always posing for photos, the exact opposite of me, always hiding from the cameras! In fact he's the guy that won the Urban Homme, Urban Icon Challenge.  His blog is "Celebrate Life Lah" at http://celebratelah.wordpress.com/

The one with 'darlie' smile is Eunice. She's a travel blogger and gets to travel round the world. Check out her blog if you are planning to go for a holiday. When I read her blog, I wish I have enough leave and money to travel! Oh, both of us share the same birthday! She blogs at the Singapore Travel Blog : http://travelerfolio.com/

Next to Eunice is Catherine of Camemberu. I am sure if you read my blog, you would probably be reading hers too. She's the winner of the 2010 Singapore Best Food Blog. She has this flair with words. You would love her writing. (When you play "words with friends", watch out! I have 2 on-going games on my iPhone with her, and I have to wreck my brains playing with her!) She blogs at http://www.camemberu.com/

Calvin Timothy is an fun young chap to hang out with. You feel so much younger when he's around! Oh yes, he's also a fellow food blogger. We know him as Calvin Timo. Other than Catherine, Calvin's the other person I have met in person before. Yup, we meet at food outings! He blogs at http://calvintimo.com/

Yiliang is a person that when you speak to him, you feel sincerity and warmth! He's a very talented photographer and he blogs in Chinese. To read his blog with my 'lousy' Chinese, I have to use a translator website! He walks, he snaps and he blogs at http://yiliang-room.blogspot.com/

Part of the 10 Bloggers

Now for the rest of the ladies. Doesn't this photo looks like a rich tycoon with his ladies?

Beside Eunice is Mui Yee. She blogs in Chinese like Yiliang and coincidentally, we were in the same group during the half day preview! I was most impressed when we were folding towel sculptures. She has this helpful nature and suddenly spoke fluent Japanese with Japanese tourist beside us. She was translating the instructions on the fly! She blogs at http://www.wretch.cc/blog/muiee

Cherie might look familiar to you if you watch Singapore TV. She was on Wonder Chef 2! (我要当食神) You can watch one of the episode online here. She cooks and blogs at: http://cherielee.wordpress.com/

Right in the middle, the tycoon is Alvin, from omy!

The lady in red is Estelle. We nickname her Bikini girl! She loves the sun and sea an loves her bikinis! She blogs at: http://loveyouwrongtime.wordpress.com/

Christine is one of the finalist of the Best Modeling Blog at the Singapore Blog Awards. She is also one of the bikini girls. She blogs and have bikinis on sale at http://chrispytinetoo.blogspot.com/

I must admit I was so busy before the cruise, I did not check out everyone before going! It's only after the trip, that I am reading their blogs! They are proving to be addictive!

the OMY crew

Oh wait, two more handsome guys. Jack the omy videographer and Weiding the cameraman and producer. If you want to see their work, go to: http://project.omy.sg/royal-caribbean/20101216_legend-of-the-seas.html There are 3 videos on that page, you can see the 4 food bloggers video that has been loaded.

It's been more than a week, and some of us are missing the company of the rest. The 10 of us joked, ate, played together for the few days for most of our waking hours. Although we have gone back to our usual work schedule, we still keep in contact almost daily on our private Facebook group page.

We are reminiscing the various activities we did on board! Enjoying the buffet, dressing up for dinners, enjoyed ordering food to share, rock climbing, folding towel sculptures, going for baking lessons, doing morning exercises, learning how to waltz, doing line dancing, going for excursions to KL and Phuket. There were so many things that we did!

I boarded the Legend of the Seas to meet the 9 legends of blogosphere on the sea! I feel so honoured to have met them.

It's the holiday season and it's December, if you are getting your year end bonus and thinking of going for a holiday, why not book yourself on a Royal Caribbean Cruise? Head over to http://royalcaribbean-asia.com and select and pick an option that might suit your time and budget.

Stay tuned as I bring you stories of what I did on board with the rest.

This post is cross-posted at http://blog.omy.sg/royal-caribbean/2010/12/22/adventure-on-the-legend-of-the-seas-a-royal-caribbean-cruise-part-i/ too.

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Camemberu said...

Hurray!!! Keropokman has officially revealed himself on his own blog!

This is a fun post. Hahaha, quite true, you and Darren are so opposite in terms of camera attention!

And eh, you are the one stumping me with obscure words on "Words with Friends!" lol

Camemberu said...

I just noticed that your first photo is of roommates! You and Darren, me and Eunice, Calvin and Yiliang!

Keropok Man said...

You can use 1 alphabet and get so many points! I have to use all my words to get the points!

Oh ya, I have the bikini girl roommate photo too. But so 'revealing' for a food blog. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hi Keropok Man!

Good to finally see you! I've been visiting your food blog on a daily basis. Looks like you had tons of fun in your cruise! I still need to make plans to go back home to visit!

Missie from the States

Calvin said...

Haha! I love it when u describe Eunice with the "darlie" smile!

eunice said...

wooo even ur anonymous reader seems happy to c keropok "out of packet"!

bikini revealing for food blog? lol

thx ah, for ur nice words ;D

Singaporefoodlover said...

am doing my own royal carribean experience:) but mine was piad by myself. hahahahha

Life for Beginners said...

Tee hee. Oh such classy-looking bloggers! ;)

Now, on to the food? :D

Life for Beginners said...

To you & Momo & your family,

May you and all your loved ones have a Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year filled with love and joy...

Hugs from Devil & Kenny :)

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