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Kinki Restaurant and Bar @ Customs House (Collyer Quay)

[This was an invited food tasting session, thanks to the folks from FoodNews and Kinki Restaurant and Bar.]

A few nights ago, Camemberu, The Little Teochew, a 1/2 food blog, Momo and I went to sample Kinki Restaurant and Bar's Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve menu. Kinki is one of the newer Japanese food place around and from what I tasted, it would be one that you would grow to like.

Kinki - Japanese with an Urban Attitude @ Customs House

They call themselves Urban Japanese. I asked what does that mean? Well, it means it's a casual place, people come here with a more relax mood, everyone is free to talk as loud as they wish. Oh, that resonates with me! When I go out with friends, my friends and I usually get stares from others if we got too excited and talk too loud! No one stares at you here, unless you do something to attract attention. Hmm like stripping down to only bikinis.

Here's the menu that we tasted. (You can click on the image to enlarge it.)

If you read in the papers last Saturday, everyone's booking restaurants all around the Marina Bay area to catch the fireworks. The newspaper reported that most places are almost at capacity, so hurry and make your reservation (probably at Kinki if you like what you see here).

*** Appetizers ***

Appetizer 1: Foie Gras on Toastlet with Ginger and Yuzu.

Foie Gras on Toastlet with Ginger & Yuzu

Just take a look at that! I don't have foie gras very often, for this whole year, I probably had it 3 times only. This was probably the best I had in 2010. I don't have details where they got it from, but it's so creamy, the texture is a mix of firm ice cream or soft tofu, try to imagine it. The ginger and yuzu balances the whole experience when you put the spoon in your mouth.

Tai Carpaccio with truffle dressing and shio konbu

If you do not take meat they offer substitutes, Little Teochew had the Tai Carpaccio with truffle dressing and shio konbu instead.

Appetizer 2: Assorted Sashimi. 

Assorted Sashimi

If you love sashimi, you would love what they serve here. Their seafood's flown in 4 times a week from Japan! They started earlier this year with only 2 deliveries a week, but due to the great demand, they have increased it to 4 times a week.

So if you crave good and high quality fresh sashimi, come and sit at their sashimi counter.

Appetizer 3: Sushi of Kajiki, Salmon, Hiramasa, Hirame.

Sushi of Kajiki, Salmon, Hiramasa, Hirame

Just look at it! I am sure you will like it like we did!

For the whole night, fellow food blogger Little Teochew was so excited! She told us she initially did not want to have any Japanese food after returning from a trip to Japan. She did not want to ruin her perfect memory of eating in Japan. Having mediocre stuff would ruin her memories. But she was glad she came as the quality here is up to par she said.  The rest of us thought it was great too!

Appetizer 4: Soft Shell Crab Maki

Soft Shell Crab Maki

It looks pretty doesn't it? With the unusual skin, it taste as nice as it looks. I guess soft shell crab always taste good!

Pork Floss Maki

Pork Floss Maki

The pork floss maki has avocado and cheese. The combination is interesting don't you reckon? I have a spot spot for meat floss, so I like this. I even dip my soft shell crab with the pork floss that's all over the plate. ;-)

*** Main Course ***

Choice of:

Ginger Teriyaki of US Prime Beef Ribeye (Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve menu)
US Prime Beef Teriyaki (This photo)

US Prime Beef Teriyaki

Since the food tasting was done before all of the ingredients for the Christmas menu arrived, the mains we had was a substitute from the a la carte menu.

The beef was prepared very nicely. The choiced beef had a streak of fat inside, so if you are one who oogle at fatty meat, this would be your choice. I liked the beef except the streak of fats in the middle. It was tender and it because it had been sliced for me, it was easy to eat.


Hokkaido Milk Poached White Cod with Crispy Ginger

Hokkaido Milk Poached White Cod with Crispy Ginger

White cod poached in Hokkaido Milk. Doesn't the name already sound good? Hokkaido milk that's known to be very smooth and creamy was used to poach the cod. The result, cod that tasted buttery! (I tasted Momo's piece of cod)

It comes with meat sauce but if you are not a meat eater, they can omit the meat and serve you something different. The meat sauce is made from miso and pork floss.

Hokkaido Milk Poached White Cod with Crispy Ginger

This version was the same cod poached in hokkaido milk, but served with balsamic vinegar and truffle oil instead. (if you do not eat meat)

Balsamic Vinegar and Truffle Oil

Either main comes with a bowl of steamed rice.

*** Dessert ***

Black Sesame and Mochi Parfait

Black Sesame and Mochi Parfait

We ended the meal with a parfait. Black Sesame will be what you will be served if you dine here.
For us, we were given an extra scoop of peach sorbet as pictured above. What a delightful sweet ending to the meal! I love the red azuki beans! The mochi is buried below.

*** Additional Items we had ***

The kind folks at Kinki was feeling generous and decided to treat us to some of the specialties in the a la carte menu.

Foie Gras and Scallop Sushi

Foie Gras & Scallop Sushi

Served together with the Sushi for us was the Foie Gras & Scallop Sushi $22 for 2 pieces. Yes, the same creamy foie gras! You will feel pampered eating this!

*** Kinki Style Okonomiyaki ***

Kinki Style Okonomiyaki

The Kinki Style Okonomiyaki ($24) and was quite wonderful too. You can pick up the okonomiyaki like a slice of pizza. I should bring my sis here to try their okonomiyaki here!

Tai Carpaccio with truffle dressing and shio konbu

Tai Carpaccio with truffle dressing and shio konbu

We were glad they served this to us. The Tai Carpaccio ($30) was what Little Teochew had for starter. It was superb. I am sure you can just pick up slice after slice and don't want to stop.

Momotaro Tomato with ginger sesame dressing

Momotaro Tomato with ginger sesame dressing

Momotaro tomatoes! They taste good by itself, but with the light ginger sesame dressing, it taste even better! I love it! This costs $16.

*** Roof Top ***

By the way, they have a roof top open. You can have your drinks up here and enjoy the New Year Eve's fireworks!  Even without fireworks, you should come up here for the view! Look at this view of MBS! You can also look into the rooms of the hotel next door!

We saw lots of tiny balls on the water. I am sure the place would look even more beautiful when the lights in the balls are turned on!

Oh, the mixologist prepares great cocktails and mocktails too! I had a drink that was mixed from peaches, apricots, yuzu, blueberry and blackberry. It had no name (yet!) so I called it Kinki Male.

Kinki Rooftop - Great view!

For Christmas and NYE, their menus are priced as follows:
24/12 Christmas Eve 3-course set dinner @ $128++ with a glass of wine
31/12 New Year’s Eve 3-course set dinner @ $168++ with a glass of champagne

Opening hours for both festive nights,
Kitchen opens from 6pm to 11pm (last order for food)
Bar Opens (restaurant and rooftop) from 6pm to 3am


Kinki Restaurant and Bar
70 Collyer Quay
#02-02 Customs House
Singapore 049323

Tel: +65 6533 3471
Fax: +65 6533 3473


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Ju (The Little Teochew) said...

Ahhh, now I see the results of your close up shots! Nice! It was a good meal, wasn't it? :)

Keropok Man said...

Yes Ju, it was a really good meal!

Life for Beginners said...

Some folks don't like fusion Japanese cuisine, prefering to stick to the "authentic" stuff, but for me, after visiting Japan, what's authentic could be a wide spectrum of tastes and flavours, all mixed up with various foreign influences.

So thumbs up for new flavours! Them dishes look yums! :)

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