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Tapau Set by Tupperware

[This post is sponsored by Tupperware]

Hands up how many of you have Tupperware at home? I do! My mum still has a few sets, my grandma has them. My aunts also have them. Why do so many people own Tupperware? I guess it's probably it has a lifetime guarantee!

I wonder how many of you remember having toys from Tupperware before? I remember having a set of toy which had different shapes and you slot the shape into the corresponding shape on a hollow ball. Of the many toys that I was fortunate to own, I remember that toy! I did not know it was a Tupperware product until a few years ago. I found the toy and saw the brand Tupperware on it.

I called mum a few weeks ago and ask if the toy is still around and I would like to take a photo of it and show it here. She said a mechanism in the toy had broke and she got it exchanged for a new Tupperware product. What? My toy! I want it back! Mum said, don't be silly. You have not touched that toy for nearly 20 years!

OK. Enough of my childhood story about my Tupperware toy. The reason for this: I was approached by Tupperware recently to try out the new Eco range of products. They sent me a Tapau Set to try it out.

Tupperware Eco Tapau Set

It came in a recycled bag. It came all stacked above each other with a handle. I took it out from the bag and was greeted by a set of bright yellow containers.

"Wow, what a loud colour" I thought to myself.

Tupperware Eco Tapau Set

I took it apart and saw there was 2 pieces of 1 litre dish and 1 piece of 2 litre dish.  There's also a noodle holder (the darker piece of orange container with holes). The handle is called the Grip-n-Go Cariolier. All the 3 containers come with a lid with a vent cap.

*** The Breakfast Tapau Trip ***

I decided to take this newest toy and head to the nearest food centre to try 'tapau-ing' food back home to eat. I went to the Bukit Timah Food Centre. I walked two rounds before deciding what to pack home.

Tupperware Eco Tapau Set

This was what I brought back. My modern day tingkat. A very fashionable tingkat too!
I got home 30 minutes later and when I opened the containers, I was surprised the food's still hot inside!

Tapau-ing Chai Tow Kueh using Tupperware Eco Tapau Set

The first thing I packed was the 'white' carrot cake from the stall my brother likes. I can't remember the name of the stall, but it's the stall that's now managed by two young girls. 

I placed my order and said I have my own container. The young lady was not surprised at all. She passed it to the other lady and she filled my Tupperware with the carrot cake. It was quick and easy. There was no fuss at all. In fact, I think I got more than usual with this set of containers!

Tapau-ing Chwee Kueh using Tupperware Eco Tapau Set

Next, I went to tapow some Chwee Kueh. It's from the stall that is very easy to recognise. It just says Chwee Kueh in Chinese characters. I like the Chwee Kueh from this stall because of the smooth texture of their Chwee Kueh and also their chai por that is both sweet and salty. I think this stall has one of the nicest Chwee Kueh around.

Something interesting happened when I came to this stall. I ordered 6 pieces and said I have my own container. The lady selling it said in Mandarin, hey, that's a Tupperware right? I have lots of Tupperware at home. She got a bit excited and said this set is a new model that's just launched right?

She volunteered so much information! She told me one of her relative sells Tupperware and on and on she goes.  She said she likes the colour too! (I was thinking it was too bright! haha) Wow, this lady sure knows more about Tupperware than me! For the first time, I had the longest conversation with her! Usually, it's only "you want chilli?"  and  "eat her or takeaway?"

Tapau-ing Katong Laksa using Tupperware Eco Tapau Set

With the 2 litre container, I thought I would tapau something soupy. I was thinking of some noodle soup so that I could use the separate noodle container. But I did not feel like having noodle soup.

I felt like eating laksa. There's two stalls selling laksa at this food centre. I like the one from Terry Katong Laksa. Yup, that's the stall that says No MSG, No added sugar, No Evaporated Milk, No Pork, No Lard in their laksa.

I placed my order and told the lady I have my own container. I was thinking, would she know how much to give me? My container's a bit big. Would I get more or would I get less? Well, these people prepare food the same food day in and day out, they know exactly the amount.

Tapau-ing Katong Laksa using Tupperware Eco Tapau Set

After reaching home, the laksa was still steaming. If you look carefully, you can see the steam!
I was expecting the noodles to be soggy, but they were not! Hmm do they use special noodles or white laksa noodles don't get soggy although it's soaked in the laksa soup?

That was my first experiment tapau-ing food using my own container. It's not difficult at all. From my experience with the 3 ladies who served me, they seem to know what to do when someone gives them their own containers.

I will still be going around to tapau other kind of foods and share with you my experience. If you want to know more information about Tupperware, you can visit their website at:

[This post has been sponsored by Tupperware, but the experience above are all my own]

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Anonymous said... ate all that food? Where can i buy the Tupperware?

Keropok Man said...

do you think i can finish all of it?

I will put up a post up the info of where to get the Tupperware soon.

If you want to get the info now, you can go to

CUMI & CIKI said...

i can't believe you are writing about Tupperware. then, i realised.. sponsored post laaa :P

Keropok Man said...


You don't use tupperware? hehe...

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