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TV Dinners with the Tupperware Tapau Set.

[The awesome looking Tupperware container in this post has been sponsored by Tupperware]

Hands up, people who eat lunch or dinner in front of the TV? I know many families who don't use their dining table but use their coffee table instead to have your meals. We can't do that if our parents are around in the house. But when we "tapau" food, we sit in front of the TV and eat!

I am sure you have family members at home who 'die die' have to watch their favourite show. I know many can't miss the 7pm "Love" / 愛 on Channel 8. Others want to watch the sitcoms on Channel 5. There are also some who can't miss the favourite program on cable tv! Some are such TV addicts that when you ask them to go out for dinner, they rather not eat. They rather watch their drama series and ask you to please "tapau" food back for them.

Tupperware TV Lunch/Dinner

Well, every now and then, I do "tapau" some food back to eat in front of the TV.

I am sure you do know the containers they use are not washed and is supposedly 'clean' straight out of the factory. You can try smelling or running your fingers on the container and you know how clean it is! If you are a cleaniness freak, have young children or older folks at home, it is better to bring your own home-washed containers.

The food that I have "tapau" for this post was from Karu's Indian Banana Leaf Restaurant on Upper Bukit Timah Road.

Tupperware TV Lunch/Dinner

If you are wondering if they accept "bring your own" containers, they do! I brought my bright set of 'tapau' tupperware there and they gladly packed my food in it!

(If you order the curry fish head, you have to use their containers that are bigger though, yes, I tried to do that!)

Fried Chicken

If you have picky family members at home who only eat certain kind or brands of rice, then remember to cook the rice while you are out 'tapau'-ing food! The rice should be ready when the food's brought back.

I liked the fried chicken from Karu's. It's a bit expensive at $4.20 a drumstick, but it's good!


Since I ordered only 1 drumstick, and had more space in my tupperware, I also ordered two 'potato' balls (fish potato cutlet to be exact, $1.20 each) to with it.


The potato balls are nice. It's soft and fluffy inside and a crispy and hard outside.
I particularly like it with lots of curry fish gravy!


I also ordered one vegetable ($2). The portion of vegetable they give when you bring your own container is bigger! Nothing very spectacular about the vegetable, but we need to have fibre!

Curry Fish

I ordered their fish curry ($3.40 per piece) this time round. The large tapow tupperware container has a 2 litre capacity. Looking at the amount of gravy they gave, I think I had around 750 ml of gravy in it!

Their curry was really fragrant. The moment you bring it home and open it, you will salivate smelling it! Remember to cook more rice!

Curry Fish

Our family had an enjoyable packed meal with rice that we have cooked at home.
I love their curry and 'drank' a lot of the gravy!

If you are picky person, the tupperware tapau container set also comes with a noodle holder. You can ask them to leave your fish on the noodle holder. I prefer my fish soaked in the gravy! There are also some who like to only heat up the gravy/sauce and not the fish when they bring their food home. When the sauce has been heated, the fish is then put back in the sauce.

I know there are many working mum or dad's reading this who have no time to cook but have children or family waiting for you to bring back food for dinner. You can leave a set of tupperware containers in your car or office and use them to pack food back. They are more environmentally friendly too. It can be re-used and you can be assured they are materials used to make the containers are toxin free.

You can heat up the food that you brought back in the microwave and serve it straight away. There's no need to pour the gravy out of plastic bags into bowls. You know what a mess that creates.

If you want to find out more about Tupperware, you can visit: www.tupperware.com.sg
There are also a Tupperware Brands Business Centre near you. Call these numbers if you want to find out more about Tupperware.
Bedok 9823 7122  | Bukit Batok 9368 5252 | City, Maxwell Road 9842 0690 | Jurong East 9617 2683 | Tampines 6789 8133 | Toa Payoh 9633 5008 | Woodlands 9271 1406 | Yishun 9781 6521

[This post has been sponsored by Tupperware, but the experience above are all my own]

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justme said...

That's not drumstick,it's a whole leg part.And they not potato ball they are fish cutlets.

Keropok Man said...


yup, that's what some call chicken maryland in Australia, entire leg of thigh and drumstick.

on the receipt, it is fish potato cutlet. it taste more of potato than fish. ;-p

thanks for taking your time to comment.

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