Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Picotin @ Horse City (Turf Club Road)

This was lunch yesterday at Picotin. We were looking for place to have lunch and did a quick online search. Going through the list of places to eat, we settled for Picotin because:
- it's near both Momo and my home.
- inspired by Momo's version of Beef Bourguignon that's listed on their menu.
- we've never been there before!
- it's one of the chef in black Emmanuel Stroobant's restaurants
- reviews on HGW range from bad to good, so who shall we believe? try it ourselves!

getting there

We took a cab there thinking this place was somewhere deep inside Turf City. We were wrong, in only a few minutes, we were there. It's very near to Bukit Timah Road. You can even take a bus and stop along Bukit Timah Road and walk around 8 minutes to 100 Turf Club Road.

Picotin @ Horse City

hot or cold it's up to you

Looking at the photo above and the following photo, can you feel that it's really care free and so different from the usual restaurants? You can opt to sit indoor in air-conditioning if you want. We chose to sit outside because it's brighter and the weather was good that day. Also, it had lots of ceiling fans.

Our serving staff was wonderful. The one serving us was quite knowledgeable as well! We talked about Bourguignon de boeuf and she does know her stuff. She told us there's movies night here too. Haha.. Sorry, not interested at the moment, just interested in the food. :-)

Picotin @ Horse City

horsing around

Since they are situated in Horse City, they are horsing around! Looks at the menu!

Mains in Picotin is Manes. Pizza is Thoroughbreads.

It's a good thing they don't name dishes after horses names! Imagine "Midlife Crisis", "Juwel", "Moonsoon break" in the menu. (By the way, these are real names of horses that compete in the Singapore Turf Club.)

Picotin @ Horse City

bread / pain

We were served two different bread to start to saliva flowing. While nibbling it, we were reminded of Gippsland (Victoria, Australia)! Why? Every now and then, there's this whiff of "country side smell".

Probably it was also because the other diners had blonde or red hair. Most probably expatriate housewives having lunch. We peeked, they were having their usual big bowls of salads.

We saw cute little rabbits next door too! We saw a little blond hair kid playing with rabbits! Both the rabbits and the little girls were adorable :-)


snails / escargot

We shared 6 baked snails $15 as a starter to go with the bread. The ones served here were without shells on, so it was rather easy to eat. It also means there won't be any "Pretty Women / Julia Roberts" flying snail scene!

Buttery chewy goodness!


beef / boeuf

I knew what I wanted to eat here before arriving. It's a nice coincidence that Bourguignon de boeuf ($28) was listed on the right at the top right corner of the menu. It's like a confirmation that I was meant to eat this here!

Taste wise, it is quite good. (Momo smiled and look at me asked, whose version is nicer? Of course you know my answer if you want to live peacefully ever after.) But she did say her presentation was not as nice as the ones here. So she's taking notes! Save some of the mushroom, carrots when cooking the dish. Cook it separately for nice garnishing.

It was a lovely huge chunk of soft and tender of moo moo meat that has been cooked in Pinot Noir for a few hours. You can easily separate the moo moo meat with your fork and knife. I think the mini carrot touch was nice. I love the real bacon bits on top. The mash was quite all right too.

The little complain I have is that the gravy was a bit too heavy on sodium to me. (Yes, I say that all the time for most places, so if you are salt lovers, it's just nice for you.)

Bourguignon de boeuf

pork / porc

Momo's Roast Pork Tenderloin ($15). We were told that the pork might be slightly pink and if were are ok with that. We said sure. When it was served, there was nothing to worry about. It was perfectly cooked (to us anyway). There was a nice pink hint on it.

It was not tough as well, so those who wears teeth braces can eat it. Momo's description of it was "tenderly roasted to perfection".

It was served with roasted potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, french beans and the medallion looking thing on top was something that tasted like stuffing from roast turkey.

Roast Pork

It's a nice place to have lunch. It's really carefree and there's not much crowd. (on a weekday at least).
If you worry about the heat, sit indoors with the air conditioning. If you want to take photo of food, bear with the heat and sit outside.

We paid $81.25 in total with service charge and GST.

100 Turf Club Road
Singapore 287992

Tel: 6877 1191

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Emma Chiau : Photo said...

looks good.
those are classic traditional french eats. Boeuf bourguignon and m├ędaillon de porc. Did you try to eat some bourfguignon during your trip to Paris ?

Zannnie said...

Sounds good, the Bourguignon de boeuf :)
Lately i like the moo moo meat too ;)

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