Friday, October 19, 2012

Vote for us at the Bosch Dream Kitchen Cookoff.

Hi readers,

My sis and I have a small favour to ask from you all. Out of curiosity and tempted by the prize, we participated in the Bosch Dream Kitchen Cookoff. We got happier when we got called up for an audition! Oh the cameras and lighting and all sorts of equipments that they have! They filmed us, asked us questions and we thought we might not make it for we were overwhelmed during the audition!

Tada! Suddenly, we got surprised that we even got into the 10 Semi-Finalists. It was a super WAH! moment for us!

Now, we got a little problem though. We need more votes to be in the Top 4. Only the Top 4 groups with the most votes gets to continue in the contest. Will you help us?

If you go to you will see something like the screenshot below.
We are TEAM 8 - Philip Lim and Jaime Lim.

Bosch Vote

Click on our faces, and you will see a page showing a video that the organisers did when we were auditioned. It's a little silly we know. We were quite surprised they came out with something so fast!

There is a VOTE NOW button in red on that page, click on it and fill up the form.
That's it, you have voted for us. Please make sure it's Team 8!

Bosch Vote
Oh, the contest also is giving away a Bosch Filtrino Hot Water Dispenser to voters like you.
I sincerely hope you take 1 minute to vote for us!
We hope you win the voters prize too!

Thank YOU!

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Unknown said...

i wanted to vote but i can't coz i guess the site only allows singaporean to vote.

Keropok Man said...

Hi Unknown

Ya, it only allow residents of Singapore to vote.

(using the national ID-NRIC, or FIN)

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