Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Haato: Penang Laksa

The last time, I posted about ice cream at Haato, well, last week we went back and had Penang Laksa instead. Yes, they serve hot food too.

If you want Penang Laksa that's homecook and not so commercialized and have use only fresh and healthy ingredients, try this.

The aunty will tell you about how other people use this and that fish, and the fish that she used. etc.. hehe.. interesting lady.

p/s: Happy Valentine's Day to all!

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wmw said...

Wow! Soup looks "gau"! The bowl runneth over indeed! :o)

Kris said...

just bought a pineapple an hour ago..may be just may be if i chop some chilli, onions and make a soy dip, i'll not crave lakso so much?

Shilpa said...

wah keropok, this will be my new challenge! I just succeeded this week in making my favourite - lor mee! So proud of myself man!

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