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Ruth's Chris Steak House Singapore @ Marina Mandarin Singapore

More steak houses are opening in Singapore! You would have read about the new ones either online or offline. Since it's the season of the US Elections, everyone's excited about all things American, here's a restaurant from the United States of America, or more specifically, one that originated from New Orleans.

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore

In August this year, Ruth's Chris Steak House finally opened in Southeast Asia. If you have travel to East Asia, eg Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan, you would have seen Ruth's Chris there. The Singapore branch is the 133th location of the Ruth's Chris Steakhouse chain of restaurant worldwide.

Thanks to Ruth's Chris and MSL Singapore, a few of us were invited to a taste of Ruth's Chris famous steaks. Oh, it was a wonder night of meat dining with TheHungryCow and Camemberu.

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore
There's something about bread that's wrapped in white linen that facinates me. It's good that they were nice and tasty too!

If you are like me trying to remember whether it's Ruth's Chris or Chris' Ruth, the short story will help you remember. The founder is Ruth Fertel. She was a single working mother who had to mortgage her home to buy a neighborhood restaurant called Chris Steak House. One day her original restaurant suffered a devastating fire and Ruth made a decision to open nearby. It was also then that she decided the name change to Ruth's Chris Steak House.

Now with that story, you would remember the name ya?

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore
Sizzlin Blue Crab Cakes ($35 for 2 crab cakes)

Crab cakes are American Classic. It's such a classic that there's even a book titled "I love Crab Cakes!" Yes, you can take a peep at it online here or borrow a copy of it from the NLB!

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore
They stuffed so much crabs inside their crab cakes you probably have eaten a whole crab in there!

OK, I exaggerated a little, but there's really a lot of crab meat in it. It had a nice little crust outside and it was moist and soft inside. It was also well seasoned. The photo above tells it all. You should be able to imagine it in your mouth now.

The liquified lemon butter that you on the plate enhances the flavor further.

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore
Barbecued Shrimps ($35)

If you have a soft weakness for shrimps and also creole butter sauce, this is it. Prawns (or Shrimps as the Americans call it) were juicy and succulent and the creole butter (it's butter mixed with different types of herbs). The few of us felt that if we left the sauce untouched it would be such a sin. So we mopped it all up with the bread that was served earlier! It had slightly acidic, savoury, slightly sweet and slightly garlicy taste. It was just very addictive sauce!

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore
Ruth's Chop Salad ($23)

This is a Ruth's Chris original. Be warned! There's something smelly about it. Look through the list of ingredients below and see if you can spot it!

Julienne iceberg lettuce, baby spinach and radicchio are tossed with red onions, mushrooms, green olives, bacon, eggs, hearts of palm, croutons, bleu cheese, lemon basil dressing and then topped with crispy onions.

It was a very delicious salad. Crunchy and full of flavour. If you are not a blue cheese person, you can ask for it to be omitted! The blue cheese was quite strong!

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore
Seafood Gumbo (Soup of the day, prices market rate)

A soup that's said to originate from Louisiana, the birth place of Ruth's Chris.
The soup had an interesting texture. If you are a person who likes texture in your food, you might want to consider this. It looks so simple and yet it was packed with flavour. It's something that you grow to love it more with each mouth.

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore
Lobster Bisque ($28)

My tastebuds was attracted to the more textured soup, the lobster was taking back seat for the night! Yes, we get fickle minded sometimes.

This is your type of soup if you like smooth soups.


You will see the above when you salivate through the menu.
The meats are broiled at 980 Celsius! 

You know your meats are ready when they bring out 260 Celsius hot ceramic plates and lay them in front of you. If comes with butter and it smells so so so good! Since it's served on a hot plate, the recommendation is to have your steak done a nodge lower than you usually have it.

The following 3 pieces of steaks were shared between 4 of us. It's too much meat for 1 person to try it all!

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore
New York Strip (12 ounce, 340 grams, $85) There's also the 16 ounce, 450 grams at $120

USDA Prime Cut of meat. Oh just look at that! Won't any meat lover fall in love with it?
The butter sizzling (you can see the bubbles on the photo above can't you?) the meat.
We could not wait to take a bite at it!

It has been broiled at 980 Celsius heat. That heat instantly sealed the juices inside.

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore
Here's proof that it's still juicy and tender inside! Tempting isn't it?

I prefer mine to have less bloody and the fats more cooked, so I quickly turn the meats  on the 4 sides to slightly cook it a little more.

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore
Petite Fillet (8 ounce / 230 grams, $85)
Guess what? As I post these photos up, my mouth's salivating! 
Petite size for those who loves meat but not too much of it.

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore
More photos to tempt you...
The meat looks so succulent and read for you to cut and put it in your mouth right?

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore
Ribeye (12 ounce, 340 grams, $85) There's also the 16 ounce, 450 grams at $120

Any rib eye fans?

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore
Oh just take a peek at the inside! It's so juicy. The plate's hot so flip the meat on the sides a bit more and it's perfect for me.

This blood O type person loves beef and reports say that beef is beneficial to Blood O people like me!

I know they are all different cuts and people have their own preference. At that moment and with the correct amount of salt and pepper, we asked each other what each other liked and we had to make a decision. I preferred the New York Strip most, followed by the Rib Eye then the Petite Fillet.

There's no accompanying sauces here. You eat the beef in their natural flavours here. 

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore
Steak Fries. ($18)

If you like huge potato wedges, here's your order. The wedges were tossed in fresh rosemary, roasted garlic and sun-dried tomatoes. I tell you, the roasted garlic were so so good. I sneakily ate most of it!

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore
Fresh Asparagus with Hollandaise ($23)

I would have skipped the veggies but both mummies that I have read the blog and they would say, why no veggies for that night?

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore
Cheesecake ($25)

This cheesecake was decadent! It looks so simple ya? Thick nice buttery, flavourful crust and the cream cheese all inside.

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore
Want some? Tempted by the layer of sweet sour cream over the cream cheese?

I know some people love crust and this is the one to order for the crust doesn't just stop at the bottom. It goes all the way up! You should take a bite! (and would probably finish it all up yourself)

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore
Chocolate Molten Cake ($25)

If we were asked if we wanted another dessert, we know we can't eat anymore, but the thought of chocolate molten cake made me want it!

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore
The moist chocolate cake with warm ganache in the centre served with vanilla bean ice cream!
I was a happy man!

Ruth's Chris Steak House, Singapore
A big thanks to Chi Tran from MSL Singapore for hosting us, and also giving us all a cute Ruth's Chris Mardi Gras beads with the stress cow/ball.

Ruth's Chris Steak House
Level 4, Marina Mandarin Hotel
6 Raffles Boulevard
Singapore 039594

Tel: +65 6336 9093
Hours: 11.30am-3pm; 5.30pm-11pm daily.

Oh.. if you are not a meat person and if you are around the area at 9 or 10 pm at night, I recommend this place to have the two desserts above! Your partner will be quite pleased!

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