Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Conrad Centennial Singapore Mooncakes

Just as we thought the recession has hit the vendors badly (that's why they have not sent us any mooncakes), we got two boxes of mooncakes delivered to our office today. The vendors remembered us after all.

One vendor gave us mooncakes from Fairmont/Raffles City. That box of mooncakes were so so only, we found it a tad too oily.

But this one from Conrad Centennial Singapore was nicer, both in terms of packaging and taste. The packaging is a bit too extravagant and wasteful. A colleague said he is going to recycle it, so that it wont be wasted. He's bringing it back for his wife to put her jewelry. :-)

The office table's messy so pardon my messy background photo. Everyone's waiting to try it, so I only had like 10 seconds to snap the photos.

They are most probably trying to replicate the 'tingkat containers'.

Tingkat container packaging?

When you open it, you see four layers.

Tingkat container packaging?

There are four mooncakes with different 'fillings'.

Tingkat container packaging?

We were all guessing how much of the cost went to the packaging. Probably the same amount as the mooncakes? But it does look very elegant as a gift.



We gave this a thumbs up in taste. The filling is not too oily, the skin is nice too. 


Mooncakes courtesy of our vendors. Wonder if other vendors will be delivering more mooncakes. *glutton look*

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Dutchie said...

We went especially to A'dam (85km away) to buy a (tin)box of mooncakes. Hubby was drooling over the mixed nuts but I told him that it's probably not cruncht anymore after such a long journey from HK. So we choose the double yolks with white lotus paste. 4pcs for € 12,50 but another shop verder down sold them for € 10,95. It was worth looking around first eh ! I think the traditional tau sa taste alot better. Do u hv a preference ? What abt the new creations in SG ? Hubby would like to try the durian variation.

When our craving was sated, I told hubby that it was a moment of temporary insanity to pay 2 x € 18,70 train fare to buy a box of mooncakes. True right ?

Btw, I had buffets at Conrad a few times. Different themes each week. U r pampered by the crew who keeps straightening ur napkins, refresh the cutleries while u r elsewhere piling up ur plates with goodies - haha.

Momo said...

Wow, its 4 mooncakes with different fillings! Usually the 4 mooncakes is of the same filling and its normally the double yolk lotus paste. (which can be very rich and fattening, hehe)

Anonymous said...

u call that packaging wasteful?!
*claws at picture*

Fen said...

Yea, it is also quiet on my side. To think that my company received so much mooncakes last year...

Carlton Hotel adopts a similar design for their mooncake box and it is hexagonal with a classic red and black...

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