Friday, November 20, 2009

Standing Sushi Bar @ OUB Centre, Raffles Place

Note: Today's post has been brought to you courtesy of Standard Chartered Bank.

This was a meal last night at "Standing Sushi Bar". What an unique name isn't it? When I first heard of this place a few months ago, I was thinking: "Hmm, do you have to stand and eat?" A few people that I follow on Twitter has been raving about this place! So when I was presented the opportunity to come for a free meal, I said yes!

Hey, is that face familiar? That's Howard from "Eye for a Guy 2". Yes, that show's ancient, it's like 3 years ago. Guess what? Howard's now the boss of Standing Sushi Bar. The two fish beside Howard is Barry and Fin. If you watch TV, you would have seen the two fish from the Standard Chartered Bank commercial.

Howard with Barry and Fin

Why Standing Sushi Bar? I was told there's no chairs during lunch time. It's a new concept of quickly grabbing something to eat and to mingle around. For dinner hours, the chairs will mysteriously appear though.

We got here and were kinda overwhelmed by what to order, so we asked Howard to order for us. He would know what's good right? He told us that their fish is flown in fresh daily from Japan and some other countries.

So what did Howard order for us? This is the Chef's Special, our sashimi platter. $25. Oh, we were impressed. Even for our untrained tongue, we can know the difference. There's just freshness that you can taste. I especially love the scallops!

Chefs Platter

Next, we each had a platter of 5 different Nigiri Sushi.
(Maguro $2, Sake Toro $2, Hamachi $4, Aburi Hotate $4, Shime Saba $3.)

What you see below is the end where the Shime Saba is. We are to eat from the other side to this side. The reason? So you will appreciate it more by gradually eating from the lighter taste to the stronger taste fish. I like the Aburi Hotate (Scallops) and Saba (Mackerel) the most.

Howard's Special - Maguro, Sake Toro, Hamachi, Aburi Hotate, Shime Saba

Oh, does the next photo look so so wrong? You know why Barry and Fin were so scared in the commercial? They feared they will be next on the plate! Oh, the look at their faces while holding our Nigiri sushi. Is that a relief face that they are still alive?

Barry and Fin with Howard's Special

Next was the best Nigiri we had. The eel we usually eat is fresh water eel (unagi). But this is salt water eel (Anago). You know how usually salt water fish taste better than fresh water fish? The same for eels! You should order this and try! It's $6 a pop, but you should try it once right?

We had trouble trying to remember all 6 names of the Nigiri, so we told Howard, can we call this the "Howard Set"? So when customers who visit after reading our blogs asks for the "Howard Set", you know exactly what they want? ;-P


Next is something new and maybe never to be replicated again at Standing Sushi Bar.
It's a vegetarian sushi that I think was not in the menu. It was created because of Barry and Fin who keep telling the rest of us "fish are friends, not food".

Sushi - Vegetarian

The next dish is for mushrooms lovers. Mix Kinoko Foil Yaki, $10.
3 kinds of mushroom and some special sauce. I like the Shitake more than the Enoki and Shimeji. The chef simply refuse to let us know what sauce! Trade secret he insists!

Mix Kinoko Foil Yaki

This is Salmon Yuzu Yama-mayo yaki, $15
This was a shared item, but the rest did not seem to touch it, so I ate almost all of it! The salmon's not overdone and the sauce tangerine vinaigrette makes it so appetizing.

Salmon Yuzu Yama-mayo yaki

Agedashi Tofu, $5
If you have followed my food diary, you know I am not a fan of almost all kinds of tofu. Everyone else says its nice though. ;-)

Agedashi Tofu

This is Tamago Nigiri, $6.
A formation like this reminds me of Marina Bay Sands' 3 Towers!

Tamago Nigiri

Fin's went hiding again, because he saw Shishamo Age, $8 being served.
Fin, you got to live with it. Don't be a scary cat. (fish i mean). You are the 'star' of the commercial, so you won't get to die yet. haha...

Shishamo age

This is Yoshinogawa Gensen Karakuchi, $8
Not mine, but Claudia from 24seven had this. A soft acidity and light taste sake from Niigata with 15.5% alcohol!

Yoshinogawa Gensen Karakuchi

We ate more things but I think it's photo overload if I post all of them here.

So, after dinner, Barry and Fin paid for our meal with a Standard Chartered Credit Card.
You can see that they are still in shock, so many of cousins died for the sake of hungry food bloggers!

Barry and Fin paying with the Standard Chartered Card

You want to get yourself a Standard Chartered Credit Card?
First a 15% off the total food bill.

Standing Sushi Bar Discounts

Then you get additional 15% cashback too!
This 15% cashback applies to all restaurants in Singapore.

Barry and Fin - There's no escape.

To register for Singapore’s biggest ever dining campaign, simply SMS in this format:
GET15  16-Digit Card Number to 78722 before 31 December 2009

Refer to for more information.

Standing Sushi Bar
1 Raffles Place
#B1-02B OUB Centre
Singapore 048616

Tel: +65 6533 7078

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Anonymous said...

the Nigiri looks so, so good. It's like the Itacho Sushi at Ion Orchard with the drapping eel!

and hahaha that conversation is such a Singaporean thing to do. It's like what people do when bargaining!

claudia said...

Your photos are damn nice lah!! I want to go back for the Anago again! When you free ah? You got discount mah! :P

ladyironchef said...

ahahahah your post is up so fast! i'm up to my neck mugging hard! boo to exams!

okay looks like you remember most of the names, i will "steal information" hahahaha

qwazymonkey said...

Wow, This reminds me of Tokyo! Love the shots. Must put it down on my list of place to visit next time.

Keropok Man said...

I have not been to itacho sushi. Hmm... maybe i should note that place down! :-)

get a card too lah! or maybe two :-)

exams are nice too! i have done my fair share of exams! :-)

Ya, think you might like this place! Then I can see a comic drawn for this place. hehe

S Lloyd said...

Wow. Your picks are gorgeous! May I know: what lens + digital camera do you use?

Keropok Man said...

S Lloyd,
It's a Canon 500D with the kit lens. :-)

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