Thursday, February 21, 2013

Nogawa Japanese Restaurant @ Concorde Hotel Orchard

It was one of those very rare days that the wife and I took leave and decided to watch a movie. It was  my first and last movie on the last few days of 2012! (OK, we were clearing 2012 leave) We caught Les Miserables at GV Plaza and yes, people around us were all crying and sobbing. It was the greatest movie I watched for the year because it was the only one! (yes laugh at me). After the movie, we were playing and humming all the songs for the next 1 month!

After the 9.30 am movie, it was just about lunch time. We walked around the new wing of Plaza Singapura and saw so many new eateries. Surprisingly none caught our fancy (read too long queues). We thought maybe Chef Wan's buffet, but we were not in the mood for a big meal. We decided to walk out of Plaza and search for other food.

We walked past Concorde Hotel and suddenly we remembered Nogawa upstairs at the Lobby floor. It has been a while since we both ate at Nogawa. We were so glad it was still early and it was quiet. What a pleasant change from the previous mall.


Should we omakase? During lunch time, the lunch sets are always so tempting at half the price. We gave in to the sets.

I ordered the Special Sushi Set (around $30).
Assorted fresh fish that each mouthful promises satisfaction.


The wife ordered the Chirashi with Chawanmushi.
A happy and satisfied wife gives the man a long stress free life!


No description is needed ya? You can look at the photos and you want to have it now don't you?


The marinated octopus that both of us had in our sets.
Tasting it, you would want to click 'like' on Facebook or 'double tap' on Instagram. LOL


We all had to wait a while for the chawanmushi so we assumed it must have been made to order. It was smooth and tasty as expected.


While the world rushes on around Orchard Road, we had a slow moving quiet lunch in this small Japanese restaurant. We were thinking, we should watch Jiro Dream of Sushi and maybe go have a meal in Tokyo one day too. (The thought of radiation still prevents us from going though.)

Nogawa Japanese Restaurant
Concorder Hotel Lobby 
100 Orchard Road
Singapore 238840

Tel: +65 6732 2911 
Hours: 12 noon - 3 pm, 6 pm - 10.30 pm

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xinyun said...

gahhh i want :D~

Keropok Man said...

Go lor.... ;-p

xinyun said...

heh, will add to "to-eat" list :P

Wilson Ng said...

Looks scrumptious! Only if I'm in Singapore


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