Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Island Café @ Tangs Orchard

Island Café is one of the cafe that is still around after so many years. How many of you grew up visiting this place with your parents?

It's been a while since the wife and I came here. In fact, with so many malls opening up all over Singapore, we hardly come down to Orchard Road. I have some Tangs points expiring, so I thought I better spend it quick. It also happens to be my birthday month, and I got an SMS from Tangs telling me to collect a birthday letter that entitles me to some discounts around the different department in Tangs. Let's eat and use up the points!

One of the birthday offer was a 20% discount at Island Café plus a slice of cake.I like the sound of that.

Island Cafe @ Tangs Orchard
Tauhu Telor ($10)

The tauhu telor at Tangs has always been most people's favourite. Just look around and you can see many tables ordering it. I always sheepishly look around what people order when I am ushered to my seat. I know many of you do the same too right?

The tauhu telor has enough eggs covering it and when it's deep fried, there's a nice crunch covering the tofu as you bite into it. The sweet sauce for their Tauhu Telor is one very addictive sauce! Sweetish and saltish, it just makes you want to dip more of the sauce for every piece of tauhu that you fork up.

Island Cafe @ Tangs Orchard
Hainanese Chicken Rice ($14)

I asked the wife should I try this. She says it used to be not nice at all. She has not ordered it for years. Maybe we should give it a change right? Plus I don't know why I just felt like having chicken rice, so I thought we shall try it.

When we ordered it, the service staff asks if you prefer the breast meat or drumstick. That's a nice touch. We opted for the chicken drumstick.

Rice was done nicely. Fragrant but not too sticky. I know many people like stickier rice like Tian Tian's. Everyone in Singapore has their own perfect chicken rice! 

Island Cafe @ Tangs Orchard

As many chefs will tell you, put in some nice plates and you can sell it for more. The chicken above looks quite decent right?

The chicken is nice lah. I noticed it was also slightly warm and not cold like most Hainanese chicken rice. It's also not salty, so you can dip it in as much black sauce, ginger and chilli sauce without making it too salty.

There's also some chicken 'soup' that is a little thicker than the accompanying soup below the chicken, and it taste nicer too. It comes with a few leaves of Xiao Bai Cai, few slices tomatoes and cucumber placed below the chicken.

Island Cafe @ Tangs Orchard

The chicken rice chilli is decent not very spicy, so it won't kill tourists' tongue. Talk about tourist, if you look around, it looks like it's mostly locals. A lot of diners seems to be of our parents age and also quite a few young families too. (I suspect all Tangs card members using up their points like us!)

I find that pouring whatever leftover chilli over your rice and adding some of the Tauhu Telor's black sauce, is the best way to finish your rice! You can literally wallop the rice just like how our parents will say it.

Island Cafe @ Tangs Orchard

A simple black forest cake that's for Birthday customers. They will ask you to pick one from the cake display fridge.

The Crayfish Laksa seems to be what most people order here too. If you think Chicken Rice is too 'normal' to order here, you can order that. The satay seems to be a popular order too, we noticed that when we were walking out.

The service staff working there seems to be long serving staff. We 'eavesdrop' our next table conversation with a staff about her looking familiar. She said, she's been there for 12 years! Then something about her getting her long service award too. They must be doing something right about their HR policy here.

Total bill after discount was $22.60.
After using the bonus dollars from the store card, it was only $10.60
One of the best way to use up your store card bonus dollars instead of letting it expire!

Island Café 
Tangs Level 4
310 Orchard Road
Singapore 238866

Tel: 6737 5500

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