Monday, September 01, 2014

Ugly Cake Shop, a licensed online cake shop & Cupcakes Giveaway

Not too long ago, I was at a pop-up event where beautiful ugly cakes / cupcakes and beautiful accessories were sold. Wait, that sounds like an oxymoron isn't it? Beautiful Ugly Cakes?

Yes, they were very beautiful Ugly Cakes. You can read more about Ugly Cakes at or their Facebook page.

They call themselves ugly because they don't use artificial colouring, artificial flavours, fondant, gum paste or marzipan in their bake goods. Those are ingredients that usually make cakes look very pretty. If you are ok to use safe artificial colouring because you want certain colours, tell them. They will do it for you. I saw some Tiffany Blue cupcakes that were gorgeous!

Ugly Cake Shop

So where was the pop up held? At a very hipster looking place. A nice little cafe and bar that carries the cakes and cupcakes made by the Ugly Cake Shop. If you are in the area, drop by this place. Even if it's not for cakes, but for a coffee or some beer. They do have a nice collection of beer here!

Ugly Cake Shop

Let me tell you a secret, the baker behind this ugly cake shop is not ugly at all. She was leading a team at Singapore's State of Fun (I am sure you now where that is) before she decided to fulfill her dream of having a cake shop.

Her bakes are named quite interesting after her ex-colleagues and friends! Take a look at her collection here, maybe you might know her ex-colleagues!

Ugly Cake Shop

The pop up was held at the back of the cafe. Never knew it was big enough to have this and it's air-conditioned too!

The cakes, cupcakes and jewellery do match don't they? So there's an alternative that you know now, if you are looking for healthier food for yourself and family.

Ugly Cake Shop

They use high quality ingredients. Good butter, French cocoa etc.
I know people want to order birthday cakes that are beautiful, tasty and also healthy.

Ugly Cake Shop

If you buy their bake goods, you are also indirectly contributing to a under nourished kids at Timor-Leste. I also love the fact that Ugly Cake Shop gives part of their profits to a school in Timor-Leste. The school has a nutrition fund and the kids that are under nourished are fed through this fund.

Ugly Cake Shop

The more I like at her cakes, it reminds me of photos in a Donna Hay magazine. Don't you think so?
I am so so tempted to use my finger to swipe some cream off!

More matching blings and cakes! The beautiful blings are all from
Take a look at their prices, very reasonable!

Ugly Cake Shop

Their cupcakes are delicious, moist and taste very real. You know when you bite into it, that there's no artificial additives that you sometimes get from other places. Just ask kids to blind test and they can tell!

The folks at Ugly Cake Shop is generous enough let me have a giveaway. 8 boxes of cupcakes will be given away. Each box will have: one lemon cupcake, one strawberry cupcake, one peanut butter cupcake and one Big Daddy cupcake.

The Giveaway:
  • 8 persons will win a box of cupcakes with 4 flavours in it each.
  • The winners will have to collect the cupcakes from their kitchen at Ang Mo Kio.
  • The contest will be held at the Facebook page. All you have to do is to "Share" the page, and tell of something beautiful or something ugly turned beautiful.
  • Contest is for readers who are living in Singapore.
  • Closing date for the contest is 10 September 2014.
  • If winners do not reply within a stipulated time, new winners will be picked.

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