Thursday, October 30, 2014

Fishball Story @ Golden Mile Food Centre

Not too long ago, the wife and I were invited to 'take over' HungryGoWhere's Instagram account for a day. Did you catch us that day? We were on a 'things handmade' trail. It was a fun day, taking a day off work to 'pretend' to be hungry tourists going around Singapore in search of food that's made fresh in Singapore.

Are there really a long list of places that made food from scratch and not machine produced in some factories? Yes, there are many places and we had a whole long list. We could not try it all because it's all over the island and it's tiring to go around.

We started by having breakfast at Bukit Timah Food Centre. We had Fried Carrot Cake that's been made from scratch at the stall. If you frequently buy from them, you can see the giant steamer with trays and trays of steamed carrot cake, ready to be fried.

We also had curry puffs at Toa Payoh that's made freshly by the aunties and then fried and sold immediately. Very good ones with fillings inside that's worth your money. We had hand made paus that makes you wanna cry. It's so different from the ones that are resting in steamers in kopitiams and kiosks all around the island. Pan mee that people are willing to wait hours just to taste it. Ice cream that people are willing to pay for. The dish that the wife enjoyed the most was the fishball noodles from this stall.

Fishball Story

The stall, Fishball Story is managed by the 'young' hawkers, young folks who decided that they want to cook real food and food that is fast losing their authentic taste in Singapore. Mr Douglas Ng decided to set up shop at Golden Mile Food Centre using his grandma's recipe.

Their fishballs and fishcakes are really satisfying when you eat them. The texture and taste when you eat it will make you want to order more. It's something that you have to taste and see to understand. That's what happened to us. We decided to order more and eat.

Fishball Story

The fishballs and fishcakes are made from scratch early in the morning and its made with yellowtail fish and they don't use any flour in the process. Their chilli blend in the noodles also has the correct balance that makes you slurp up your noodles and break sweat a little with the spiciness.

This was what I had. I like meepok, so I ordered the meepok version. This costs $3.50.

Fishball Story

The wife prefers 'lao shu fen' and she always orders 'lao shu fen' when it's available. It might look simple, but you need to just bite into one fishball to fall in love with it. This was also $3.50.

Fishball Story

Yup, we ordered another bowl without the noodles. So satisfying we wanted the 3rd bowl. A bowl of fishball soup without noodles also costs $3.50. They give you more fishballs and fishcakes.

If you want to find out more about the places we went and see photos of them, you can continue to read them at the HungryGoWhere website:*gid-08493101/photos/

Fishball Story
Golden Mile Food Centre
Stall #01-85
505 Beach Rd
Singapore 199583

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