Tuesday, August 31, 2010

KFC @ West Mall

You might have seen the advertisement on TV. The KFC Egg Tart.
Advertising does influence and subliminally tell you, you want to have it, doesn't it?
We succumbed when 2 friends asked if we would want to have dinner at KFC.


This was the 2 egg tarts that we had last week night.

How does it taste? Not bad, not bad at all!
It was warm, eggy, and the slightly burnt top makes it smell really good.
Can't believe it is KFC doesn't it?

KFC Meal

Just yesterday, I saw my colleague eating egg tarts for breakfast, and I jokingly commented, KFC's?
She said yes and she said, do you know it is nicer if you leave it overnight in the fridge and eat it cold the next day? Ooo.. do you?

KFC Meal


But for the chicken, I think the KFC drumsticks are getting smaller and smaller!
Both the crispy and original is getting small. Sigh...

I think for KFC, it's best to go to an outlet that has long queue, it's so that you get freshly fried chicken! We remembered we had the most horrible cold chicken the other day when we ordered KFC delivery.

KFC Meal


The spicy drumlets. Oh, these stuff are wicked. It's so spicy it numbs your tongue and lips!
There are two kinds, get the fiery ones to get a taste of wickedness. LOL

KFC Meal


If you have been eating this, do you think it's now more peppery than tasty?

KFC Meal


One of my favourite drinks! Good old ice cold Pepsi.

KFC Meal

Oh yes, I think to get value when eating KFC, you got to bring the 'coupons'!
Are you a KFC coupon person as well?

We did not have ours, but thanks to our friends who had loads of it with them, we had the above for I think $12 + $2 for the egg tarts. ;-)

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Lobster said...

i want KFC too! havent had it in a long long time... :(

Unknown said...

Queue up in the restaurant.

Don't order delivery if you want your chicken and everything fresh and hot! :-)

SteamyKitchen said...

No way! I want my KFC to sell egg tarts! We just get nasty too-sweet cakes.

Leon Koh said...

wow.. i was so sceptic about kfc selling tarts, but your pictures make me want to go try..

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Your reader
my blog : http://hanleong.blogspot.com
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Kenny Mah said...

Man, the pieces of chicken look only slightly larger than the egg tarts themselves... :P

Camemberu said...

Looks like you're the hot&crispy kind?

The egg tarts are not bad for a fast food chain, but taste more milky than eggy!

Dang...now got KFC craving...

Daphne Maia said...

now u make me crave for KFC again! haha.

Katie said...

It's dinner time and now I am craving KFC something chronic! Yum!!

Emma Chiau : Photo said...

Im always in for KFC. But over here we have different varities, we dont have the egg tarts, neither do we have the mashed potatoes with gravy (which I miss very very much !)
We do have the corn cobs, do you have them there ?

Anonymous said...

I just had their egg tart for the first time over the weekend. I was pleasantly surprised that it was nice. I will buy it again.

However, their chicken pieces are getting smaller. Thumbs down for that :-(

Ivan said...

I love KFC! Especially the original chicken!

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