Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Scotts Beef Noodles @ ION Orchard

I know I am a bit late. Scotts Beef Noodles has re-opened for sometime now and I have not eaten it.

I remember I used to eat it every other Sunday afternoon when it was at Scotts Picnic Food Court.
(that must be 10 over years ago!)

Scotts Beef Noodles

After so long, I still ordered the same thing!
The "Dry Set" meal. The sliced beef with the gooey sauce.

'dry' beef noodles

And the beef balls in the soup.

beef balls

A good great mix and it's ready to be eaten.

well mixed up noodles

Hmm... I am not sure if age has caught up. It's not as nice as I remember it to be.
I also noticed there was no calamansi for me to squeeze anymore? Is that why the taste was not familiar anymore?

Scotts Beef Noodles
Food Opera (Basement 4 Food Court)
ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
Singapore 238801

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Yes I agree with you about the taste. I think they tweaked the recipe... although the boss (his father was the founder) works at this stall. But I think it tastes ok, and btw I koped calamansi from the counter (self-service) if I remember correctly! ;)


ice said...

I miss this too! I used to eat it like, erm everyday at Scotts.

Keropok Man said...

hi rexic,
I think I need the calamansi to get back the taste I like!

Hmmm maybe the calamansi was hidden from my view that day. Next time I shall take a look before I buy it. :-)

everyday??? wow...

min~* said...

there is! you have to look for it though. the soup is wayyy too salty. and the gravy's not rich no more. :( i thought i was the only one who felt that way about the beloved beef noodles.

qwazymonkey said...

I used to have the exact same set every time I go down to Singapore for a visit. And I'll always look forward going to the foodcourt right below scott's rd. And yes, the calamansi on the gooey sauce rawks. Hate to hear that they didn't serve it together any more

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