Saturday, November 25, 2006

Crystal Jade Dining In - Ee-fu noodles with roasted port, preserved sausage and vegetable

Crystal Jade Dining In - Ee-fu noodles with roasted pork, preserved sausage and vegetable - $20

This dish is actually quite delicious. I like it very much

Do you all enjoy looking at the photos? Drop some comments to let me know if anyone's visiting :-)

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Anonymous said...

Hi there... I've been crazy with your blog for quite a long time now... I made a slide show out of all the tempting food pictures from your blog and have it ran as screen saver on my computer... I used to go to summer school in Singapore before and your blog remind me of the time i was there, having fun and lots of great savory food.....Now that im in the US, long way from Sing, I miss your country soooo much n will go back to visit as soon as i have time....thanx for uploading these pictures....i enjoy them very much everyday....

Keropok Man said...

hi anon,

come and visit soon!
hope you also had a great time doing your summer school here.

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