Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bobby's @ Cuppage Terrace

I went for a food tasting session at Bobby's yesterday. Met fellow foodies, Camemberu and Southernoise was there as well, it has been some time since I met them.

Where Bobby's? It's at the newly revamped Cuppage Terrace. Cuppage Terrace looks really different now. With the Orchard Road revamp, many place along Orchard Road's updating itself too.

If you are wondering, yes, it's the same as the Bobby's in Chijmes. They were previously known as Bobby Rubino's and have changed management when the word Rubino was dropped. The yummy ribs remained.

Pardon the a bit grainy photos. The place is slightly dimmed to make it more cosy, so taking photographs are a bit difficult. (They should have sat us outdoors with natural light right?)
I thought I will still use the photos I took instead of using their stock photos. :-)

The tasting menu was for their Christmas Set menu from 15-23 December 08.
It costs SGD35++ per person.

Here's the sampling menu we had.
Festive Tossed Salad with Honey Baked Ham.

The sampling version of:
Fillet of Beef with Signature Mushroom Sauce & Grilled Dory Fillet with Sorrel Cream Sauce.

I like the Dory. The pumpkin that the dory is resting on is delicious too.
Pumpkin somehow taste good for most dishes ya?

The beef fillet. We were joking to them, no wagyu? :-)
For the set meal you choose between the Dory, Beef or Turkey.

The turkey choice is: Grilled turkey breast topped with chestnut stuffing and giblet gravy side with cranberry sauce. We did not get to try this.

The set meal comes with a Christmas log slice.

We were told their tiramisu's a house specialty. I wonder if they could replace the log cake with tiramisu. :-p This cake's not too bad.

Oh yes, there was a surprise dish that came out. (i.e. not part of the set meal above)
It was their Ribs. Anything with ribs will tempt me. I can eat the whole slab of it. Ribs are why people come to Bobby's right?

They are offering the ribs for takeaway for if you are holding your Christmas party at home. I have not gotten the pricing yet, will update it when it's available.

Eating ribs at home you can behave like a caveman. haha..
No need to worry about people staring at you, you can use your hands, lick your hands etc.

Bobby's @ Cuppage, Orchard
25-27 Cuppage Road
Cuppage Terrace
Singapore 229454

Tel : 6734-3323
Hours: Open daily, 12pm to 12am (Sun-Tues), 12pm - 2am (Wed-Sat)


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Kenny Mah said...

Wah such a BIG plate! Wah such a SMALL slice of cake! :P

Ming the Merciless said...

The serving sizes looked might small. They looked like appetizers.

The ribs do not look meaty either.

I bet it was an expensive meal nonetheless.

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