Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Mayim @ West Mall

You might have heard the phrase, "Can anything good come out of Nazareth?" So, sis and I wondered, can anything good come out in West Mall? (oops, sorry to people who stay in Bukit Batok, it's just a joke)

But it seems there is! We who are living all over this tiny island, met up in West Mall so that we could have a birthday celebration dinner at Mayim. At a 'forever there's a queue' restaurant in West Mall called Mayim.

You get modern zen crockery. Cups that alternate between "fat and short" with "tall and slim". Plates that are not round, but triangular.

Also, condiments on the table that are quite unique and tasty.
(Sorry for the blur photos, came out today with a camera that has no more battery juice, you turn it on, the cameras turn itself off after the no power icon comes out, so no time to focus and quickly snap haha)

The Beef Tendon dish. It's quite delicious.

The soy sauce chicken. Usually you have this cold right? This one comes warm.

Family's favourite. Spicy aubergine with mince meat.
(Sorry, the word aubergine stuck to my mind after only 2 weeks in UK, I finally remember it as brinjal. LOL)

Fruity Fish.

Another dish that we like that makes your rice in your bowl just disappear!
Deep fried long beans with mince.

Tofu and mushroom dish.
Be very careful. It burns your tongue. It's very very hot!

Very tender beef with tao pok and cabbage.

This was unusual. Xiao long bao that comes in little cups.

We ended the meal with an ice cream cake from Swensen's from next door.
The kind management allowed us to bring in a cake. :-)

West Mall
1 Bukit Batok Central Link,
Singapore 658713
Tel: 67941590


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Food Lover said...

Hello the food there is not bad. One unique thing is that they give different condiments the fried garlic is nice ha. Their appetizers like the wings is not not bad also ha. Have added a link to your site=)


ybother said...

submitted as a 4 star review on mayim

dilutedmagnetics said...

OMG! I didn't know that they served such an interesting menu there! I always walk right past them and go straight into Swensen's at 5'ish in the afternoons on weekends - there's NO QUEUE outside Mayim at that time. I must try to convince H and G to eat at Mayim instead of Swensen's!

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